OB/alisa (in Public Record)

QBOddBird April 5 2007 9:04 AM EDT

...the thread title you were dreading, eh mimic?

But nah, I'm going to buy her supportership in exchange for 900k. When she confirms here and sends the $CBD, I'll log in to PayPal and send the USD.

Or at least I will when I see the PR. Don't know how much internet access I will have today, but I know I'll be able to get on tonight - so don't fret if it takes a bit.

alisa [The Forgehood] April 5 2007 10:16 AM EDT

I confirm.. ^^

alisa [The Forgehood] April 5 2007 10:20 AM EDT

From IP To What When
alisa (alisa) QBOddBird (Bridgeburners) $900000 -- for supportership 10:19 AM EDT

QBOddBird April 5 2007 10:28 AM EDT

Payment Sent (ID #52P37517HW565492J)

You'll get your supportership as soon as Jon notices he's received a payment! =)

alisa [The Forgehood] April 5 2007 11:58 AM EDT

ok.. thankies.. ^^
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