RoE-based Strat Advice (in General)

Shining Force April 8 2007 2:22 PM EDT

I've been trying pretty hard to be competitive as a newbie since I learned about the NUB being a way to give new players a chance at someday ranking near the top, so I immediately grabbed the RoE when I saw I could get one for $6. Just hit my 200k MPR mark after 2 weeks ;).

I've been working as a mage up until this point, but a lot of the forum talk makes me think that an archer would be more effective, especially later on. However, I know tanks have to balance HP, DX, and ST, as well as Archery for an ELB, to remain effective, and ToA is the main source of DX/ST for a lot of archers, which means I would lose out on the 20% exp bonus of my RoE.

So I'm looking for some advice on whether or not I should try to grab some tank gear over the next two weeks, knowing that I will continue to use an RoE, or if I should just remain a mage for the time being.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 8 2007 2:29 PM EDT

Stay mage, the ability to roll with the change month punches helps a lot.
Besides it's easier to buy already upped weapons later with the chuck of cash you'll have than to buy them small now and have to upgrade along the way.

On the other hand, you can see the success some folks have had fighting using an RoE until they are already sporting a very large char, see Mikel's char King of Pain for a great example of an Archer fighting using an RoE.

AdminNightStrike April 8 2007 2:37 PM EDT

Use an RoE until it's physically impossible to do so. Also, name it. Pay someone to name it if you have to.

Shining Force April 8 2007 2:40 PM EDT

How much should I pay for naming, and is it a noticeable boost?

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 8 2007 2:41 PM EDT

500k, and yes.

Shining Force April 8 2007 5:36 PM EDT

Well thanks for the advice, got it named already (thanks Bast) and won some AGs in the auctions since I'm staying Mage.
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