an idea for a supporter item (in General)

Zaekyr April 8 2007 10:26 PM EDT

Since there isn't much for mages as far as gear I thought of an interesting item. "Staff of the Archmagi" ,it could be "worn as a shield and give a 1% bonus to spell skills in ranged rounds for each + and a 2% bonus in melee.I figured it would be best as a shield since that way the +'s added could also function as armor and seems fitting.

QBOddBird April 8 2007 10:30 PM EDT

That'd be interesting and everything - and I hate to burst your bubble - but it *is* in the FORS, therefore it is unlikely to be implemented. Good to see the creativity engines are still running in a few players, though ~_^

Zaekyr April 9 2007 9:59 PM EDT

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