Notebooks! Hooray! (in Off-topic)

Purple Cobra April 9 2007 7:30 PM EDT

Ok. Recently my backpack was stolen at a college by some punk who was looking for an iPod or something in my backpack. Whoops.

Now, after replacing all the textbooks in there off of various internet shopping catalogs, I need to replace my notebooks.

Now, my old notebooks were okay, but they did terribly going through each day. Half of the ones that I lost were those old fashioned marble composition notebooks. Kind of like this one:

These notebooks worked fine for me in maybe what, 3rd or 4rth grade?

It's time for an upgrade! So, I need some ideas for notebooks types, brands, or anything! Going through 8th grade is tough enough where I live, and with parents and teachers leering at you over your shoulder and expecting perfect grades and outrageously neat notes, I need a good notebook or three.

Probrably the worst topic ever on a forum, hey, but I need the help.

So gimme some ideas. Spiraled, marble, sectioned... anything is good here!

AdminNightStrike April 9 2007 7:36 PM EDT

I personally prefer either plain white-sheet notebooks or square-ruled graphing paper notebooks. I don't like normal horizontally ruled notebooks, especially for math and science courses where I'm always drawing diagrams. I can't ever use spiral bound books, because the spiral always gets bent out of shape (I rough around a lot). I prefer, therefore, book-bindings.

There's also the alternative -- a palm pilot and/or laptop :)

AdminNightStrike April 9 2007 7:37 PM EDT

Oh, also, you can find some nice hard-cover notebooks that hold up very well. You can also use one of my favored methods -- take a bunch of printer paper and take notes on that, then staple the pages together on the left margin in a book-staple method. It's great!

QBsutekh137 April 9 2007 8:13 PM EDT

You can also find binders to your liking, then put graph paper in them (I knew a guy who swore by the graph paper too, and when I saw his notes, I d'oh'd myself for not thinking of it).

Separate binders can let you move pages around, re-use the binder, relabel without making the front look crappy, etc... But finding nice, thinner binders that don't have the uber-huge spine might be a tad more difficult, and I doubt you will save money (though buying a ream of graph paper is probably cheaper than buying graph-paper notebooks.

In other words, "roll your own" notebook!

Purple Cobra April 9 2007 8:15 PM EDT

Genius Sut. I think I'll try the binder option next.

GO PATS April 9 2007 8:37 PM EDT

I always liked "Five Star" notebooks... dunno if they are still around, but good quality paper, durable cover and back, neat "not - so - obnoxious" colors... good stuff...

RedWolf April 9 2007 9:20 PM EDT

Five Star is good, especially those heavy-duty folders. A little on the expensive side though. Otherwise, you can always settle for some good, cheap, basic Mead :-P

SaintChristopher April 10 2007 11:30 AM EDT

I always went with one big 5-subject notebook. I liked having everything in one place I guess. *shrug*

I <3 graph paper.
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