alisa IS my gf sheez (in Public Record)

lostling April 10 2007 7:04 AM EDT

New chat mail
From: [CB1]Gun Sent: 6:29 AM EDT
If I see one more trans with Draugluin the next cm won't be to either of you. Not too fond of the tat trade offs with alisa either.

.... whats the problem with that? its not like i am transferring cash off her char either, i just GAVE a few things to her to start her off, wth is wrong with taking care of your girlfriend? and my brother... he just saw some exp shots in the store and just bought it and gave them to me... -.- i seriously do not care for your paranoia.

[RX3]Cotillion April 10 2007 7:32 AM EDT

any reason to go public with this?...

Xenko April 10 2007 7:53 AM EDT

Being on the same ip address makes it look suspicious, despite the fact that is probably is a completely honest transaction. Just don't do it; you will save yourself a lot of hassle.

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] April 10 2007 8:01 AM EDT

So the on lookers understand where this is coming from....
Draugluin (Galatine) mimic (The Fallen) 577 Explosive Shots ($289) April 5 2007 1:34 PM EDT
Draugluin (Galatine) mimic (The Fallen) 1,422 Explosive Shots ($712) April 4 2007 3:14 PM EDT
Draugluin (Galatine) mimic (The Fallen) 886 Explosive Shots ($444) April 4 2007 3:14 PM EDT
Draugluin (Galatine) mimic (The Fallen) 1,305 Explosive Shots ($653) April 4 2007 3:14 PM EDT
mimic (The Fallen) Draugluin (Galatine) $8974 April 4 2007 3:13 PM EDT

mimic (The Fallen) alisa (alisa) 1,571 Iron Shots ($362) April 8 2007 2:42 AM EDT
alisa (alisa) mimic (The Fallen) A Lesser Steel Familiar ($63592) March 31 2007 1:27 AM EDT
mimic (The Fallen) alisa (alisa) $100000 March 30 2007 12:47 PM EDT
alisa (alisa) mimic (The Fallen) An Ice Familiar ($11030) March 30 2007 12:46 PM EDT
mimic (Retaliationangels) alisa (alisa) A Compound Bow ($310874) March 28 2007 1:53 PM EDT
mimic (magekillers) alisa (alisa) A Lesser Steel Familiar ($60324) March 28 2007 1:29 PM EDT

Was warning draug and you continuously since March 3rd to stop the one sideds and trans between all together.... this is far from new and is the main point of the CM given the failure to understand no means no since before the compound forge trading incident. The thing with alisa is NOT illegal, the IPs are different, there is an odd form of payment I guess. Still the thing with the tats that caught my eye and I do feel these somewhat one siders are to be frowned upon and should be posted from now on given this reaction.
That was a general warning to make you paranoid if anything, not to please my sense of tyranny. There was little reason for me to suspect you as Draug until this thread. Since the title indicates it's all about the gf, even though the 'threat' was made in regards to the_bro, I'm paranoid. No one said you were transferring cash off her, didn't have a prob with the gifts when she started(which I was there for), and if you really want to take care of her give her neopoints. Can see how you got excited and misunderstood as a attack on alisa. Not too fond means just that. Fact that you made this big deal about alisa and not about the bro has me thinking. You could've cleared the woman or bro issue in CM so who is this post really meant for? ;)

lostling April 10 2007 8:09 AM EDT

oh main problem with him? i doubt there will be any more trans any more until he plays again... he doesnt seem to want to play any more

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] April 10 2007 8:26 AM EDT

Not until you need more ammo right? ;) Better inform tender t-bone, JKFs aren't plentiful ya kno

lostling April 10 2007 8:39 AM EDT

he will send back the jkf lol

QBOddBird April 10 2007 8:49 AM EDT

Wait, alisa's cheating on me? *gasp*

mimic, hate to tell you, but Gun is right here - one sided transfers are very suspicious on the same IP, between someone claiming to be up to 3 people (and I'm not saying you aren't! but rather that it is simply very suspicious). There's no need to send anything to alisa to take of her, as she has the NUB and will make money quite quickly.

*shrugs* Think of it this way, at least he warned you to stop doing something that looked suspicious before he sent a CM to an admin.

[T]Vestax April 10 2007 9:05 AM EDT

If you want to help your friends and family, its best to give them advice, not gear.

AdminNightStrike April 10 2007 11:05 AM EDT

You know what I hate more than inconsistent ad-hoc administrative actions? The paranoid vigilante multi-hunters that go with them. Sefton has made several wonderful posts on the subject, centered around the thesis "less is more". I wish it got more exposure...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 10 2007 3:27 PM EDT

nice, you've found another group of volunteers to bash on, good for you...

Every action you take seems to building up a case for your own eventual defense, from continually decrying the admins as if this were a police state gone amok, to now refering to users who seek to keep other users from being banned for illegal behaviour by sending them cms as vigilanties. Was your time out that long ago that you've forgotten what you propaganda campains earn you here?

TheHatchetman April 10 2007 3:56 PM EDT

campaign* :P

GO PATS April 10 2007 4:04 PM EDT

I agree with NS that all penalties for similar actions should be treated in the same manner (as in similar punishments) but I disagree that people looking for Multis is a bad thing... It's in everyones interest to check people for such actions as to avoid being scammed and to avoid other people getting scammed... I'm not saying that all multis are out to scam anyone in particular (other than getting all the extra money for themselves ((which in turn they can sell, and if caught, the buyer has the chance of being penalized as well)) and exp on multiple teams...

Just my thoughts... honestly I do vary little searching for multis, but I still feel the need to point out (in my opinion) blatant cases, when they arise, and I still am happy to be informed of confirmed cases of multi, when people point them out to me.
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