not a very smart business to work with (in General)

richard rahl April 10 2007 9:08 AM EDT

dont do business with this guy he cant read and has no patience, my guess is he's about 12 years old. i sent him messages when i bid and immedietely after that talion was arranging payment. i guess he flooed my cm's while i was at work and pissed himself off when i didnt respond, i look back at my screen and had at least 8 telling me how i was cut off from him, then not having another buyer he sells me the stupid piece when talion finally logs on and gives him the money. Hey mmvg, a loan means a little extra time . I told you when i bid i was getting a bid. and if you could read a little you could see that i petitioned talion for your 1.6 mil first, and he sent you your 1.6 first cause of the tantrum you through

FS: TSA +47 and EH +30 Notify me of new responses

Mad Means Very Good, April 7 2007 3:25 PM EDT
Ok, after bidding and then making me wait for money, and then after spending that money on something else, and ignoring me afterwards, richard_rahl is no longer buying my EH (or anything else I ever sell), so it's back up for sale along with the TSA...

TSA +47 (NW 6,235,445) Min 4.75m BIN 5.25m
EH +30 (NW 797,358) Min 1.6m BIN 1.8m

CM or PM with offers...

Mad Means Very Good, April 9 2007 1:12 PM EDT
Both sold... thanks all.

Talion April 10 2007 9:51 AM EDT

I am posting my transfer log without taking any sides on this. I am just contributing evidence of when the money was transfered.

Talion (Repo Mage) Mad Means Very Good (D.U.I.) $1600000 -- EN payment for R.R. April 8 2007 9:51 PM EDT

Note: I made a typo when I transfered and the comment should read: "EH payment for R.R.".

richard rahl April 10 2007 12:50 PM EDT

wow i really cant spell :)

Dark Dreky April 10 2007 1:30 PM EDT


is court adjourned?

[T]Vestax April 10 2007 1:38 PM EDT

Correct spelling isn't the only thing you are are lacking. You could also use work with your punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

GO PATS April 10 2007 3:16 PM EDT

Listen... you bid on something, then I sent a CM to you asking when the money might be here... you got it, and ignored it... then I sent another asking if you missed the last one... you got that and ignored it... then I sent you one asking why you ignored me... you got it and ignored it...

I didn't send three and then you got all three... you got one at a time... and you ignored them all in turn... I then told you to forget it, that I would sell to someone else, so you had the money sent to me and I was nice enough to send you the thing and not send the money back... You were wrong here, sorry.

GO PATS April 10 2007 3:16 PM EDT

Also, I have the CM's if you want them... there was nowhere near 8.

bartjan April 10 2007 3:21 PM EDT

What is your definition of "ignored it"?

If you send me a CM or PM while I'm at the office, it can take up to 8 hours before I notice it. That does not mean I'm ignoring... it just means I pretend to be busy working...

[T]Vestax April 10 2007 3:39 PM EDT

When all is said and done, the deal was made as it was agreed. Both parties got what they wanted, but neither seems to like the process with which this was done.

This post is obviously created to either vent the frustration of the person who created it or to be a malicious act that would hurt further business with the other party member. If this post had the intention of solving a dispute, well then, it doesn't state what the dispute is nor is it a better solution then discussing the problem in CM or in a private chat room.

I do consider that this post might be purely for amusement of the CB community, which if it is, you should state so now so that we can all laugh with you.

Point is there doesn't seem to be a problem, and if there is, there are better ways to handle it.

TheHatchetman April 10 2007 3:49 PM EDT

I've not encountered any problems while dealing with Moosh, and this is the first I've heard of anyone having such problems. I'm not saying rahl was wrong or right. nor am i saying moosh was wrong or right, but I don't think enough was posted to stop people from doing business with either party. So basically, I would appreciate if you guys would shake hands, and settle your differences privately. :)

GO PATS April 10 2007 3:55 PM EDT

By ignored I mean... I sent at 3:02, he received at 3:03... then I sent another 5 minutes later, after he didn't respond... he got it one minute later again... no response... 5 more minutes... he got that one a minute later too... then I gave up.

I don't mean that I sent a message, waited a minute, and sent another... I saw that he actually received my CM and didn't respond, so I sent another... I wasn't spamming, since he was reading (or ignoring) each post in turn.

GO PATS April 10 2007 4:11 PM EDT

To clarify, he received each of my 4 CM's within one minute of me sending them, and these 4 CM's were spread out over 18 minutes... 3:00, 3:06, 3:10, 3:18, and in each case he received them within that first minute (if not seconds)... He was actively reading or ignoring them.

I'm not angry about RR being angry, but I do feel the need to defend myself against false accusations.

bartjan April 10 2007 4:37 PM EDT

"received" does not mean "read". It just means that the computer delivered the chatmail in chat. That's all. Please try not to be so impatient!

richard rahl April 10 2007 4:49 PM EDT

I created this post to share my amusement, i challenge you to find another person not satisfied with my timing and follow up, i responded every time, and frankly i told you it would be dependent upon talion's logging in before we agreed to. He had no idea we were waiting on him, he logged in and you got $$$ within 15 minutes or so.
just because im logged in doesnt mean im playing game during work week i play at work and could be away for hours like 6 sometimes. Maybe you could develop some patience, and think things thru before sending nast cm's demanding this and that.- R.R

GO PATS April 10 2007 5:08 PM EDT

Ok, my mistake... but you were in chat, and the CM's were being "received", so I honestly thought that you made a deal with someone else instead and were just avoiding me... my apologies, I'll be more patient. (For note, you said "repo mage" will send me the money and when I looked repo mage up, nothing came up, because it was his character... which again, caused me some confusion... my bad again.)

QBOddBird April 10 2007 5:09 PM EDT

So is this the part where, as Vestax said, we can all just laugh along with this wonderful good joke? =D



richard rahl April 10 2007 5:20 PM EDT

its all good im glad we settled this, sorry my first post was a litle harsh, as we all seem to be reasonable- R.R

post closed !

Dark Dreky April 10 2007 6:04 PM EDT

Or is it closed?! Muahahaha!

No seriously, glad to see all worked out well. Moosh is my main man so I didn't want to see anyones reputation tarnished over some miscommunication.

::joins in with the pointing and laughing::

Court is adjourned!

::slams the gavel::

AdminNightStrike April 10 2007 7:51 PM EDT

Actually, I'm glad this thread came up... People like me who burn 22 and 23 hours of BA a day often get tons of CMs that are registered as received but we really don't have time or can't otherwise reply. This has happened to me countless times -- people CM me, and if I don't respond within a few minutes of it being read, they go elsewhere and I lose the transaction. It's rather perturbing, especially considering the lengths I go to give people ample time to reply (sometimes weeks).

So please, let's everyone try to be very patient when it comes to the somewhat archaic or misleading CM system. Not everyone lives on CB.

GO PATS April 11 2007 1:14 PM EDT

Well, sometimes, when in business (especially loans, which are always needed needed needed!) it's hard to stay patient... I know that you get alot of CM's, NS, but I think that the 22 or 23 hours worth of BA thing is one reason you should at least always have the time to respond to CM's... you are the one who chose to be in such high demand! (Loans and an encyclopedia of knowledge on CB and most other things!) "With great power comes great responsibility" once said someone famous... I think it was Yoda... or Hitler... can't remember. Anyway... I forgot where I was going... Oh... Yeah, no... Not trying to start trouble of course, NS, just saying that I understand how people can get impatient waiting for replies on received CM's (especially from you!)

AdminNightStrike April 11 2007 1:31 PM EDT

Wasn't it superman?

AdminNightStrike April 11 2007 1:32 PM EDT

Darn... SpiderMan

AdminNightStrike April 11 2007 1:35 PM EDT

Well, to be accurate... it was Uncle Ben *to* Spiderman...

Anyway, you're right.. to a point. Just FYI on the BA thing... when you burn that much, usually a lot of it is at places where maybe you shouldn't be burning BA *cough*.. so a lot of times I either don't check the home page so that CMs aren't marked as read, or I'm in a place where I just need to spend 5 minutes burning then I'm off for 4 hours... I really don't spend all that much time at my keyeboard around here. 23 hours of BA means 23 hours of BA, not 23 hours _playing CB_.

But yes, I could be more responsive to CMs. It'd be nice if the CM system was enhanced to cater to a more manageable system. At the very least, put clan mail in a separate bucket.

Flames Fame April 16 2007 10:45 PM EDT

Exactly why there are auctions in place... lol

[RX3]Cotillion April 16 2007 11:05 PM EDT

Ummmm... You post in a thread that has been dead for six days for what reason again?
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