Headgear NW values (in General)

deifeln April 11 2007 3:18 PM EDT

I've been adding headgear NW values to wiki.

We need info for low level HoE' and two low NW HoD values.

Also add Cab, Hard Leather Cap, and Armet Values!!!!!!!!

Please don't post'em here...it takes 30 seconds to add yours to wiki. If you're not sure how to use wiki please CM/PM me.

(Gandalf learned how to use it in under 60 seconds)

{CB1}Lukeyman April 11 2007 3:33 PM EDT

so that means it should take the average person... about 10 seconds?

<3 haha

deifeln April 11 2007 3:39 PM EDT

Congrats to BluBBen for working on Armets!!!!!!!

(And for figuring out wiki super fast...seriously people, pick an item and add some NW's...great wiki practice!!!!)

Gandalf April 11 2007 3:50 PM EDT

haha Lukey :(

deifeln April 11 2007 4:40 PM EDT

Headgear NW status:

HoC: through +17
HoD: through +28 (missing +2 and +5)
HoE: through +26 (missing +4, +5, and +8)
Armet: through +7 (needs work)
Heaume: through +15
Hard Leather Cap: through +17 (missing +8 and +9; needs higher values checked)
Cab: through +19
Corn: through +19

Yukk April 11 2007 5:02 PM EDT

HoD updated.

Gandalf April 11 2007 5:13 PM EDT

finished off the Hard Leather Cap

deifeln April 11 2007 5:19 PM EDT

Great Job Guys! Let's finish this up tonight!

Tomorrow we'll be doing Gloves!
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