NightStrike and his Response (2) (in General)

AdminNightStrike April 13 2007 9:59 PM EDT

Please continue that thread here to address pagination and off-topic-ness that's now complete.

AdminNightStrike April 13 2007 10:08 PM EDT

"Really, I think the whole first quotation in regards to the question is worded in a way that is totally correct but can give the impression that you say your hiatus was ''caused'' by the people you mention. "

Here was my first quote:

That's a very ironic question considering the timing and placement -- it's the first question, and it's after a bit of a forced hiatus. In no particular order, I can say that it's mostly because of miandrital, oddbird, sefton, opvines, sutekh, gentlemanloser, johnnywas, novice, ranger, shade, etc etc.

The "question" in this regard was "Why do you keep coming back to CB?" And the answer, which I stand behind, is because of all of the people involved. It's the people here that keep me coming back. I guess I didn't make that clear.

AdminNightStrike April 14 2007 1:38 AM EDT

Sut, in Vestax's defense, the thread was started by Titan to discuss my response. I don't think Titan intended it to be discussed in the fashion Vestax chose, but it was to be discussed nonetheless. I think Titan wanted to focus on specific aspects. (Titan, feel free to chime in here..)

[T]Vestax April 14 2007 4:00 AM EDT

I'm sorry sutekh. The truth is that I hardly know the circumstances with which NightStrike may have acquired a target. I was not here for some dramatic event apparently. I was not trying to call him out. Personally, not only do I hate the idea of dragging someone out just to badger them, but I also am highly annoyed with the term, "calling me out".

Let me also pardon myself, I apparently was too cryptic and people didn't understand what part of NightStrike's response in question one I thought was in bad taste. So let me quote it directly:

"...the negativity that Jon usually exudes has subsided considerably. That has had a trickle-down effect that has, as a whole, bettered the environment here."

As I read this statement that begins his response to part 2 of question 1, I am lead to believe that NightStrike blames Jon for other people's negativity. Jon apparently can trickle hate onto other players, neglecting them of any responsibility. Jon is targeted as the problem and apparently Jon needs to control himself, or else the community suffers.

That is a lot to say, but that is what I get out of this quote. It might only go unnoticed by others because it speaks from the perspective of how Jon is improving. That of course does not avoid the fact that something was said of a specific individual. On top of that, he mentions, not once, but twice, how Jon banned him. Though it is fine to note the event, he seems to rather dwell on it.

Now maybe NightStrike is right or maybe he had no intention of expressing this. None-the-less, this is what was said. I feel my comprehension is not lacking.

As for why I even spoke up about it, I wouldn't have, even when Titan posted originally. It wasn't until NightStrike himself offered the original script and encouraged the discussion. No other nominee has opened themselves to criticism, and so no other criticism will be given. Also, I try always to be constructive. I was trying to tell my clanmate, in so many words, ways he can respond better. The "poor taste" section was only a small part of it if you read correctly.

AdminNightStrike April 14 2007 9:45 AM EDT

"Jon apparently can trickle hate onto other players,"


"neglecting them of any responsibility."


"Jon is targeted as the problem"


"and apparently Jon needs to control himself, or else the community suffers."

Very true

When you are in control of a community, when you set the rules and have the final say on matters and make sweeping decisions... yes, what you do has a very precise effect on what transpires. What Jon does in many ways sets the precendent for what the Admins do. Their actions in turn set the precedent for how the average person acts. That's sociology 101 as its best. That does not remove responsibility from anyone's actions, my own included. However, just as in real life, you can't avoid becoming like those you are around. When you hang around with positive, successful, upwardly mobile people filled with energy and life, you *will* pick up those traits in _at_ _least_ a small degree. Similarly, the converse is unfortunately true. This is why one or two bad seeds can spoil the whole pot.

Because of how Jon has established himself, *by his own choosing*, I will add, he now has a much greater impact on the way things run. That includes more than just the logistics of battle. Just like each and every one of us has an impact on how things progress. Only, our impact is less from a psychological standpoint due to the nature of the "Jonocracy".

As for mentioning certain things multiple times.. I wasn't dwelling on the event. I was trying to restate my thoughts in a summation of what I was trying to get across -- what I like about this place is that there are people that like having me around. That's what keeps coming back. Therefore, the community as a whole did not partake in the event, and in fact helped to reverse it.

Finally, I do appreciate your comments, Vestax. I don't think they're any more harsh than things I've said in the past. Further, I encourage the discussion because, frankly, there is very little discussion anymore.

QBsutekh137 April 14 2007 10:57 AM EDT

Vestax, I can understand where you were coming from. Sorry I over-reacted. And it is very true that NS "put him self out there", so to speak. I don't know how much I actually agree with NS's sentiments, but I did think he made himself clear and is entitled to his opinion. You appear to agree with the latter and were just trying to help with the former. *smile*

I hope everyone has a pleasant Saturday. Weather is miserable here, and I need to log in to work to play 2-3 hours of catch-up. Joy!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 14 2007 11:21 AM EDT

I think we've long since lost sight of the fact this game is still Jon's "house" so to speak, and I for one would take serious umbrage to someone in my house telling me how I should act. Jonathan can certainly defend himself (or not, since the accusations amount to nothing more than "You're a meany head"), but I for one don't like people making it harder for him to continue to give us this game. I tend to see what NightStrike says as a campaign to make himself look good while at the same time villifying anyone in power. It may just be a function of Night's personality as some very sensible folks have suggested, but it seems too calculated to me for that to be the case.

Sut: my first post in the other thread was a direct response to to Night's answer, if you are referring to my comment that he should have thanked SNK3R and done the footwork himself rather than complain, I do think it added my perspective, as one sided and close minded as it may be.
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