Question about supportership (in General)

BluBBen April 18 2007 6:06 AM EDT

I want to be a supporter but i don't want to pay any IRL money for it. Is there any other way to get it, like paying cb$ to someone or something else.

TheHatchetman April 18 2007 6:12 AM EDT

pay someone 1-1.1m CB, and they can send Jonathan the money. Or you can work out a deal for less cash and the RoE, though I'd suggest you hang onto that baby for dear life.

BluBBen April 18 2007 12:44 PM EDT

I have 0.9 mill right now. Are someone paying my supporterhip for 900 000?

Adminedyit [Superheros] April 18 2007 3:11 PM EDT

also just to save yourself some hassle use the FS/WTB forums to ask someone to buy you a supporter. Just make the title Buy me a Supporter or something like that and you'll be fine.
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