A Sad Day... and a Good Day... (in Off-topic)

GO PATS April 18 2007 11:42 PM EDT

Today was a sad day because I found out my friend had never heard "Free Bird" and had never seen "The Usual Suspects".

Today was a good day because I have the CD and blasted "Free Bird" and rocked it on Guitar Hero II (4 stars on medium, I suck.) and she and I watched "The Usual Suspects" just now... She loved both.

Popsicle Man Supreme April 19 2007 3:05 AM EDT

i think u like her ooooooo

The Vanguard April 19 2007 3:21 AM EDT

Mad means very good and an unnamed someone in a tree,


First comes love, then comes marriage,

And is it it a baby in baby carriage? I could never remember that last line

;) btw Usual Suspects is awsome!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 19 2007 3:39 AM EDT

Once again, in English.

GO PATS April 19 2007 9:45 AM EDT

Oh, by the way, "friend" means my room-mates Mom... So... that would be awkward.

Yukk April 19 2007 9:54 AM EDT

Way to go Moosh !

QBJohnnywas April 19 2007 9:57 AM EDT

I've got Simon And Garfunkel's Mrs Robinson going round my head now...

I'm also thinking about Finch from American Pie...
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