UC info for all (in General)

mikes wanton rage April 19 2007 1:22 PM EDT

Im not much of a computer guy so the sight of what changing the wiki entailed and the possibility that i might ruin it for everybody has led me to post my findings here. The more skillful amongst you may (or may not) wish to re-post my findings somewhere more permanent.

My monk has St: 3632 Dx: 6560 and is using a staff sling rated (2x8) + 10. I was not smart enough to pay attention to defensive changes, only offensive. At some point between levels 11882 and 12186 my # in parenthesis went from o to 1. It will take at least 106670 exp (what I can unlearn my UC for) to get to this point.

The following is a before and after comparison of my offensive abilities versus Eyemo.
Ranged round (rr)1: hit Hawkcyn 324
rr2: hit Hawkcyn 528
rr3: hit Tybesi 374, 585
mele round(mr)1: hit Tybesi 469
That ended the first fight with my tank doing most damage. My next fight with Eyemo, after my upgrade, but otherwise all the same stats is next.
rr1: hit Hawkcyn 501, 460
rr2: hit Tybesi 360, 525
rr3: hit Alex's familiar 444
mr1: hit Alex's familiar 3301, 3600
mr2: hit Alex 2438, 2334
So, for all my fellow low level UC's who may have been wondering what they were building toward and how long it would take to get there, this is the first of many steps.

Talion April 19 2007 1:30 PM EDT

When using UC, you need to AT LEAST get your hands on a pair of Helm's Gauntlets. That will give your UC a HUGE boost. If you also equip a Combat G.I., then no tank with a PR similar to yours will be able to hit you until you reach about 100K MPR.

Of course, UC based strategies will always be at the mercy of mage based strategies. But that is just a fact of CB life.

AdminNightStrike April 19 2007 1:33 PM EDT

get a CG. The +10 bonus will let you destroy the competition. Rent one for ultra cheap.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] April 20 2007 3:36 AM EDT

Unarmed Combat: 825,227/281,838 (66)
this is my UC fully boosted, a combat GI, helm gauntlets, amulet of focus, get these 3 and you will do alot of dam

AdminNightStrike April 20 2007 4:03 AM EDT

Values updated:

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