Forum facelifts (in General)

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:34 AM EDT

Overall, very nice.

I'd suggest switching the creator and last poster columns, as your eyes tend to see the creator first, and think that it's the last poster (ok, my eyes). It seems more logical to put the information that will change closest to where your eyes are after reading the thread title.

I noticed the time stamps are gone from most posts. I'm not sure I like that. Is that a toggle-able option?

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:35 AM EDT

The "Thread Created" banner is nice... Haven't seen a banner like that since I was a NUB two years ago.

While you're adding things, how about a "Quick reply" box that's now de facto standard on most forum platforms?

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:36 AM EDT

Another suggestion -- you could use that banner for all screens that show nothing but a confirmation (like after adding a rental or an auction, or inking a tattoo, which has a broken error page and a very un-good confirmation page.)

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 1:43 AM EDT

Forum stats seem to be gone. Are they accessible somewhere?

[RX3]Cotillion April 24 2007 2:40 AM EDT

Is there any way to make the 'Post Collapse' thing an option? I hate trying to copy something and have it close. Highly annoying.

Flamey April 24 2007 3:16 AM EDT

the Collapsing thing is part of Fex's Script.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 3:17 AM EDT

Red -- Yes. I forget how, but Verifex put in an option.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 24 2007 3:20 AM EDT

Silly question, but how do you create new threads now? :/

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 3:26 AM EDT

The link is in the title:

Recent messages (New Thread)

It's the horizontal line with a red backgorund.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 24 2007 3:29 AM EDT

Oh yeah! LoL! ;)

Flamey April 24 2007 3:29 AM EDT

That's a bit inconspicuous.

[T]Vestax April 24 2007 3:47 AM EDT

I like it better that the original post is at the top. It does it's best to remind people what the topic is suppose to be. Otherwise people would almost never read the original post for a thread that has been up for a while. As it is we have enough problems staying on topic.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 3:50 AM EDT

"I like it better that the original post is at the top."

That hasn't changed.

[T]Vestax April 24 2007 3:51 AM EDT

Nevermind. I've apparently misunderstood.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 3:53 AM EDT

When you look at a post list, the columns are Title, Author, Date, Last Poster... I was suggesting switching columns 2 and 4.

Flamey April 24 2007 3:58 AM EDT

I want to see Forum stats again.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 4:00 AM EDT

Looks like they're still there if you know the link...

(And this would appear to be my 100th post.... I should stop, methinks)

[RX3]Cotillion April 24 2007 4:04 AM EDT

Okay, my bad on the collapsing. I apologize. I'd appreciate a CM on how to turn it off. No more posts about it in this thread for topics sake. Thanks in advance.

DiabloSpawn April 24 2007 4:29 AM EDT

I agree with NS, it does seem more easy on the eye to have the last poster before the creator, oh Creator ;)

QBJohnnywas April 24 2007 4:44 AM EDT

Mmm, posting a reply....I used to like going back to my home page when I confirmed a post. Staying in the thread is good for arguments IMO but not the cheerful posting!


AdminJonathan April 24 2007 12:24 PM EDT

stats are linked from the main Forums index page now

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 24 2007 1:40 PM EDT

Can you put line breaks in between threads on the active threads list, there's alot there to see who the last poster was in the respective thread. Or maybe it's just me, =P

Talion April 24 2007 2:43 PM EDT

Just a suggestion....

The border size around the user images should be reduced to 0. This way, images with transparent backgrounds (like mine...) would look MUCH better.

Overall though, the new design is a big improvement. Congrats!

[RX3]Cotillion April 24 2007 2:46 PM EDT

It looks like the border scales to the size of your post.

Talion April 24 2007 2:48 PM EDT

My suggestion is to remove the border around the image completely.

AdminNightStrike April 24 2007 4:33 PM EDT

Talion, that may be a themeable option, no?

[RX3]Cotillion April 24 2007 4:36 PM EDT

I think it'd look korneh not having a border around it. It'd just float there, but to each his own.

Talion April 24 2007 4:45 PM EDT

NS: I don't know. I only use existing themes. It might be a border style or something. I will try other themes to see what it looks like.

Tezmac April 24 2007 4:58 PM EDT

I third NS suggestion of moving the thread creator to the far right. Having the creator show up on the left is driving me nuts.

RedWolf April 24 2007 9:39 PM EDT

I agree with the switching of the creator/last reply columns, as well.

smallpau1 - Go Blues [Lower My Fees] April 24 2007 9:43 PM EDT

thats what i was thinking as an alternative to the line breaks.

RedWolf April 24 2007 9:46 PM EDT

Maybe even make "Last reply by _______" and "Last reply at #:##" two separate columns, but I don't want to push things ;-)

Flamey April 25 2007 1:23 AM EDT

"stats are linked from the main Forums index page now"

I'm not seeing this.

Flamey April 25 2007 4:44 AM EDT

found it, with help from JW :)

You had to click on the number of posts to see the stats, I wasn't aware of that.
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