What should I do next? (in Off-topic)

QBBarzooMonkey April 27 2007 2:28 PM EDT

I'm about due for a big contest, but my brain is kind of melty lately.... :P

So, I pose the question to ya'll - what should I do next?

- Botcheck Madness III?
- The MisAdventures of OB and The Monkey?
- Common Threads?
- Somebody tell me a story III?
- A bunch of cryptic, random "Name That Tune" or "Name That Movie"?
- CB 575 III?
- CB Nursery Rhymes II?
- Hi, I'm ... , and these are my minions II?

I'm working on something new, but I'm not there yet, so popular vote gets something to keep me busy for a little while...


th00p April 27 2007 2:30 PM EDT


I vote for Botcheck Madness III!

Tyriel [123456789] April 27 2007 2:30 PM EDT

The MisAdventures of OB and The Monkey sounds most amusing. =D

deifeln April 27 2007 2:30 PM EDT

Botcheck Madness 3

QBOddBird April 27 2007 2:31 PM EDT

I'm torn between Botcheck Madness III and the MisAdventures of OB and The Monkey! =D They both sound so good!

QBJohnnywas April 27 2007 2:34 PM EDT

The MisAdventures Of OB and The Monkey definitely!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] April 27 2007 3:27 PM EDT

OB and the Monkey!

AdminNightStrike April 27 2007 3:38 PM EDT

Have a contest about the next contest

AdminG Beee April 27 2007 3:38 PM EDT

CB Nursery Rhymes II !!

Anything but a song contest. Or at least if it has music involved please ensure Johnny is a judge and not allowed to play.

QBJohnnywas April 27 2007 3:40 PM EDT


AdminNightStrike April 27 2007 3:43 PM EDT

Do something similar to what SNK did for his character, but with forums instead of chat. It will encourage people to post, which should be more helpful, I think, than anything else.

Erm.. what SNK did was have some secret word or phrase that when said would be rewarded with a prize. It's a little like Pee Wee Herman's word of the day thing. Only less yelling.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] April 27 2007 3:46 PM EDT

Spank the monkey anyone ?

QBOddBird April 28 2007 2:06 PM EDT

Hmm...I never actually thought about it, but there is some sort of connection between SNK3R and Peewee Herman, isn't there? Good catch, NS! ~_^

QBBarzooMonkey April 30 2007 7:27 PM EDT

Here's something nice to talk about - give me something to do!

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