All you Guitar Hero fans... (in Off-topic)

AdminNightStrike April 28 2007 8:05 PM EDT


GO PATS April 28 2007 9:45 PM EDT

That kid is so much better than me that it makes it even better... that was great stuff.

MissingNo April 28 2007 11:09 PM EDT

I barely beat medium. I can't beat a single song on hard. But I like GH1 so much better. The crowd's applauding doesn't take away from the song and the songs themselves are so much better. GH2 doesn't have many good songs.

Unappreciated Misnomer April 29 2007 12:30 AM EDT

what?!? guitar hero one and two both have good song, what i cant wait for is the 3rd installement and yes it is coming out, just not soon enough

gh all around has good song, but i guess the imo

GO PATS April 29 2007 11:22 AM EDT

War Pigs? Jessica? Free Bird? What's wrong with those songs?

MissingNo April 29 2007 4:44 PM EDT

They're not good songs. I don't own GH1, but from what I remember from when I played it, there's more good songs than non-good songs, as opposed to GH2 which is mostly non-good songs.

AdminJonathan April 29 2007 6:43 PM EDT

I liked the songs in GH1 better, too, but the GH2 multiplayer is so much better that I can't really play GH1 anymore.

Fantasysage April 29 2007 11:22 PM EDT

He's about as good as I am :) i love that darn game.

QBOddBird April 29 2007 11:34 PM EDT

If you don't like Freebird, you wouldn't make it in Alabama.

QBsutekh137 April 30 2007 12:41 AM EDT

GH2 songs will grow on you, too, especially the purchased songs. And yeah, multi-player is essential, especially since I am totally cornered on Hard right now, cant get by "Woman" on the "easiest" Hard city. SUCKS. So, I am back to GH1, pounding out five stars on Hard. Gotta learn that shifting, just gotta.

AdminJonathan April 30 2007 1:06 AM EDT

Another nice thing is that GH2 is more lenient about the hammer-ons and pulls. GH1 is noticeably pickier.

But the GH2 songs are also harder.

If you're stuck on GH2 hard, I'd bump it up a notch to expert on GH1. Probably more useful than getting 5 stars if you just want to be able to complete GH2/hard. (Up until you get to the Cowboys from Hell set; that's just impossible unless you're a teen with obscene amounts of time to practice. :)
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