You people fight too much (in Off-topic)

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] April 29 2007 8:05 PM EDT

HE he........Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] April 29 2007 8:19 PM EDT


Sign me up to whatever they're doing now that I have more time away from CB


GnuUzir April 29 2007 8:25 PM EDT

Wow a picture of him with a woman...who would have thought...

AdminNightStrike April 30 2007 2:09 AM EDT

Should I know who they are?

TheHatchetman April 30 2007 2:55 AM EDT

Bast and Slash, of course. ;)

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] April 30 2007 2:56 AM EDT

Not really but that guy was on the tube and he thinks he's Peter pan.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] April 30 2007 3:32 AM EDT

Bast == Tinkerbell?

QBOddBird April 30 2007 9:17 AM EDT

Man. Gotta love that hair.
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