Downtime? (in General)

QBOddBird May 3 2007 1:56 AM EDT

Was CB down around 7-7:30 server time tonight? I attempted for the first time to log on the wireless internet from the hotel across the street from my work and connected to the internet...was able to check my e-mail, check some other sites, etc - but I couldn't connect to CB, neither at nor at or at simply - every time it said the site did not exist.

If any further information is needed, just ask - and if anyone has any solution, please, by all means, tell me! =D

AdminNightStrike May 3 2007 2:16 AM EDT

I suggest trying again tomorrow.

AdminJonathan May 3 2007 10:17 AM EDT

the network was down, yes

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] May 3 2007 10:24 AM EDT

not all the time, been on 3 times during that downtime but only for 3-4 mins, it was up every 12min or so

QBOddBird May 3 2007 11:24 AM EDT

OK, great, now I know it isn't on my end. ^_^ Thanks!

[RX3]Cotillion May 3 2007 12:14 PM EDT

Wi-Fi Pirate abroad matey... ARGH... :D ... Go OB Go.
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