Tattoo Usefulness (in General)

Drakon(DS) [Guardian Bros Inc] May 9 2007 12:53 AM EDT

Ok i didn't see a thread of this so i want to know
WHAT makes a tattoo good? now becareful i want specifices not just adds str/dex/pth or everyone uses it really think guys i want to know what ya think and how you judge them

QBOddBird May 9 2007 1:03 AM EDT

A tattoo's ability to make a strategy better at what it does: I.E., for Archers the ToA is perfect because it allows them to hit harder and more often, which is exactly what they want. The FF/SF is great for single mages, as it practically doubles their damage while allowing them to continue focusing their EXP into one enormous DD. The ToE is great for defensive teams because it builds on what they are doing - takes away damage further after Walls and the like reduce it to being with - and it has the added effect of being good for mages because of the reduced backlash.

Just how it helps a strategy accomplish what the strategy itself sets out to do - which is why the RoBF has practically no usefulness. It is designed for a failing strategy (allowing for as many hits as possible with retaliation - easily overcome with the massive damage nowadays) and does a poor job of supporting that strategy itself.

Lumpy Koala May 9 2007 1:19 AM EDT

Given the same PR , not MPR. A team with tattoo will have the extra abilities at the cost of having much higher PR compared to actual MPR. Certain tattoos might not give you much edge over the other party, but whatever extra ability is definitely more advantageous relatively.

Let's say a 500k PR team with TOE versus 500k PR team without tattoo, given the same strat, the TOE one will have endurance and most likely gain better edge in combat against certain teams, but the one without tattoo would probably have more exp trained due to higher MPR, which makes them able to fight certain teams. But the difference would be even more pronounced when it's 2.5mil PR, due to the relative tattoo level and thus their strength in your overall strategy, I dare say a 2.5mil PR team without tattoo would not stand a chance by then (not speaking from experience, sorry).

As for the advantages from different tattoo types, that's another story :P

noneedforthese May 9 2007 6:51 AM EDT

I think a tattoo is called useful from the point it earns more rewards than it eats up through adding PR...

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