Hello (in New players)

NoPointsPlus May 12 2007 11:06 PM EDT

Hi, im new to this game. Im really enjoying myself here so far. I hope to meet more players in this game, and maybe one day become really strong.

TheHatchetman May 12 2007 11:07 PM EDT

log in every 5 hours or so, and you'll be uber! :)

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] May 12 2007 11:12 PM EDT

Hello and remember the most important thing about CB. Have fun!!!

QBOddBird May 13 2007 2:35 AM EDT

I'm sure you'll become very strong. Good luck with that, and remember that everyone is happy to help with strategic advice and with any questions you may have! ^_^

NoPointsPlus May 13 2007 2:37 AM EDT

Every 5 hours you say? ^.^ I'll keep that in mind, would any of you recommend "Get More BA" option if i can ever afford it? Thanks again for the warm welcome!

QBOddBird May 13 2007 2:39 AM EDT

Most definitely, *every* time you can afford it. After all, that's like buying experience, is it not? =) And that's invaluable!

Flamey May 13 2007 3:02 AM EDT

Yes, at a point in time, maybe just a little after you've gained a bit, it'll be worth it to buy BA.

The Normal folk (no bonuses) around here lose money when they buy BA, they still end up with a net profit after buying, but, they'd make more not buying it.

If you play well, you can buy BA and make even more money than you would without buying it, plus all that extra XP and all those Extra Clan Points.

Enjoy your stay. :)
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