Notice to all users (in Public Record)

AdminNightStrike May 13 2007 12:19 PM EDT

First, my apologies for being unreachable to many people, including my new business assistant, Draco. I have been ambushed with more real life requirements than usual as of late, and CB definitely takes a back seat to that.

Second, the above is not going to change in the next few minutes. It's Mother's Day, after all, so I will still be unavailable.

I have somewhere around 30 CMs that are as yet unanswered, and they are going to stay that way until I can get some other more pressing matters out of the way. (In actuality, I'm trying to fight without ammo so I don't have to visit my home screen and mark more as delivered). The bottom line, though, is that if you see a CM as being read by me, I probably didn't read it. I also probably won't until I get some more time. So for those that understand how real life can be sometimes, thank you. For those that don't, I can only say that I hope you figure it out soon enough where priorities need to be.

Let's just get a few important responses out of the way --

1) I am not quitting
2) I was not banned again
3) I will transfer items from the sale as soon as I can
4) I will transfer cash for loans as soon as I can
5) If there's a disagreement that we need to settle, it'll be handled in due time

I think that should cover the few hot topics that there are. For any questions or comments involving business, please speak with Draco and not me. I am quite unavailable.

Thank you, and good day.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] May 13 2007 12:32 PM EDT

Thanks for the response master... it helps to achieve that which I have been trying to pass on, that you are dealing with more pressing matters atm. Again I will accept any questions that you guys may have in lieu of NS.

AdminG Beee May 13 2007 12:41 PM EDT

Visit your settings page and check the box to deliver all new chatmail to your chat applet. On the same page turn your chat off.

CM's will stay undelivered until you're ready to accept it.

SundariZelia [The Knighthood] May 13 2007 4:44 PM EDT

Thanks for the clarification. I really did think I was being ignored and it's nice to know I'm not. Though you can ignore me now because the CM's are a moot point. Come back soon :)
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