Black Market Vote (in General)

[T]Vestax May 14 2007 12:46 PM EDT

I've voted for that ELB three times already, and don't even want the darn thing. Can we please just wrap it up with a vote from everyone? Please, before we lose anymore votes to attrition.

QBOddBird May 14 2007 12:50 PM EDT

Alright, I'm putting mine in. Thanks for putting this to everyone's attention - I hadn't even noticed a BMVG in forums in a few weeks, personally. Maybe I just missed seeing it in Active threads though...

Flamey May 14 2007 5:24 PM EDT


I always see it, RedX is posting a lot, from the looks of it.

TheHatchetman May 14 2007 5:27 PM EDT

Problem is that its a 160-vote item. which requires at least 80 people to spawn. getting 80 people organized is no simple task :P I didn't know we were running low on ELBs with so many for sale lately, but whatever.

Flamey May 14 2007 5:32 PM EDT

It's currently about half way down the page.

[T]Vestax May 14 2007 6:14 PM EDT

I wouldn't think we need any more ELB's either. However, I'm not about to let all those votes get wasted. 17 more votes to go.

Xenko May 14 2007 6:30 PM EDT

15 more votes to go.

[RX3]Cotillion May 15 2007 4:06 AM EDT

Wewt. Thx Vestax. I guess no one listens to me. :P

144/160 10% to go.
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