Barzoo Presents Riddlebox's Amazing Jungle Maze (in Contests)

QBBarzooMonkey May 16 2007 12:53 AM EDT

Big mega thanks to Riddlebox for the awesome idea that spawned this! :D

Somewhere on the Jungle Isle of Riddle lies the fabled treasure of the BarzooMonkey King!!!
It is a massive treasure, worth well over 3 million CB$!!!
The good news is that ya'll are on an expedition to find it! The bad news is that The Ninja Pirate Monkeys found it first, and you are in a race to claim it before they've taken it all!
The prize on the first day is 3 million CB$, but for every day that ya'll don't find it, Mr. Lewis carries away 500K!!!

2 teams will be able to participate, and each team gets 15 moves per day, so you are competing individually, as well as against another team, as well as the clock. Here is how it will work:

Here is the map board you will see at the beginning of each exploration day (minus the extra numbers in the first three columns of hexes, and the examples under the team move lists):
Image Hosted by

- The first person to post on any given day must state what team they are starting (Team 1 Gold or Team 2 Blue), and a starting hex (C1, C20, W1 or W20)
- The second person to post must choose the starting point for the other team
- Players then begin to make moves, one at a time. Moves are stated like a "Battleship" move, i.e. "C3" or "H17", and you can only move to 1 adjacent hex from the last teammates move
- You must also state what team you are playing for, so in order to state a move, your post should look like "Team 1 Gold D15" or "Team 2 Blue R7"
- Once you choose a team, you cannot change it for the rest of that day
- All players can make as many posts as many moves they want (up to 15) in 1 day, subject to the following restrictions:

- Teams must alternate turns. I won't do an update until both teams have posted at least 1 move. If 2 members of the same team post in a row, I will ignore the second one
- Again, once you pick a team, you cannot change it until the next day. If you try, I will disqualify you for that day
- Because the map will be revealing itself as you make moves, making a whole lot of moves before I post an update would most likely be quite unproductive. You'll find yourself lost in the jungle, or worse ;)

You can make it to the treasure (the purple hexes) in 15 moves or less if you choose the right path(s), so there will only be 15 moves per team per day.
The first person to be able to legally post a treasure hex move wins whatever is left in the pot!

Updates will appear as colored in hexes of your move choice, in 1 of five colors.
If the hex appears in your team's color (gold or blue) then you are on the path and you or a teammate can make the next move when it is time
Careful! There are false paths and dead ends everywhere!
If the hex is green, I will tell you that you are lost in the jungle, and you have to wait for 2 teammates to post before you can find your way back to post again
If the hex is red, you have fallen under dire straights, and I will tell you why you are done for the day. Yes, get a red mark, and you are done for that day!
If the hex is purple, that means that The Ninja Pirate Monkeys have been by, and because greedy Cap'n Mojo makes poor Mr. Lewis try to carry too much, they've dropped something. Bonus! You've won a prize! It could be excellent (Elven Gloves or a Morg, for example) or meh (10k or a Tulwar, for example). Either way, you win it instantly!

If the treasure hasn't been found by either team in 15 moves, the expedition is done for the day. I will erase the paths you've found and the green jungle hexes, and we'll start over the next day with 500k less in the pot.
I will not erase any red or purple hexes that you find, as they will be "1 time only" events, so basically you'll see a white board with red and purple hexes dotting it at the beginning of each expedition day, and it is up to ya'll to keep track of the paths you found the day before!

The Treasure Hunt begins sometime Monday (based on server time)! Watch for it!

TheHatchetman May 16 2007 12:58 AM EDT

Wow! Just... Wow!

QBOddBird May 16 2007 1:04 AM EDT

This looks awesome Barzoo!

BluBBen May 16 2007 1:07 AM EDT

*thumbs upp*

fatty the loner May 21 2007 3:03 PM EDT

nice idea i'll be watching

AdminNightStrike May 25 2007 10:33 AM EDT

If a red hex has already been exposed, can you traverse it safely?

MudBug The Redeemer May 25 2007 11:39 AM EDT

Nice game!looks like it's gonna be a good time.

QBBarzooMonkey May 25 2007 5:35 PM EDT

Nightstrike, yes. On subsequent days, the danger will be gone.

QBBarzooMonkey May 25 2007 5:37 PM EDT

To elaborate further, red and purple hexes that have been exposed will count as "free spaces" on subsequent days - once you reach them again, they don't count towards that day's 15 moves.

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 25 2007 5:39 PM EDT

I take it from the 'and it is up to ya'll to keep track of the paths you found the day before!' part that the path stays the same every day?

QBBarzooMonkey May 25 2007 5:49 PM EDT

The paths will never change. I have a single master map drawn out that I use as the key, and all traps, trails, treasures, and jungle hexes are predetermined with their respective colors. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that tells me what treasure or trap corresponds to what hex.

However, all 4 potential paths have dead ends and loop-the-loops branching off of the most direct route, so you could end up wasting a lot moves if you don't keep track day to day.


Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 25 2007 5:55 PM EDT

That's where 'Save Picture As' comes in handy ;P

QBBarzooMonkey May 25 2007 6:00 PM EDT

Which is perfectly legal according to my rules ;)

Coordinating the right moves amongst yourselves, if this progresses past the first day, is the harder part...

DAS bro May 26 2007 10:31 PM EDT

this l0oks kool

phrog May 28 2007 10:38 AM EDT

15 moves total for one team or 15 moves on one path? If somebody makes a move on the alternate starting point, does that mean we won't have enough move left to reach the goal?

Zoglog[T] [big bucks] May 28 2007 11:00 AM EDT

15 moves a day in total phrog, just look at what happened to Team Blue when Myth tried W2 ;)

QBBarzooMonkey May 28 2007 5:07 PM EDT

Zoglog is correct - 15 moves per team, per day, period.

Yes, if too many moves are "wasted" on the alternate path after the other one is started, you will run out of moves with no chance of finishing the first path in one day (i.e. no matter which path you choose, it will take 12-15 moves to get to the treasure, depending on route and pitfalls).
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