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ThatOneMan June 2 2007 10:38 AM EDT

Does anyone happen to play multi massive online role playing games like Silk road Online or Granda Espanda or cable or 2 moons :)

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] June 2 2007 10:47 AM EDT

I sort of play Risk Your Life (1) now, but not too much anymore...just waiting for Darkfall to come out :p

Zombie1579 June 2 2007 11:01 AM EDT

Hey, Im new but who cares Anyway I got some good RPG games i have runescape and Habbo Hotel

QBOddBird June 2 2007 12:21 PM EDT

It isn't massive by any means, but I play a nostalgic Zelda-esque old MORPG called TWO, or Terra World Online. The link's in my profile. It is some pretty fun stuff, and a unique levelling system - it is entirely random as to whether or not you gain a level whilst performing an activity, no EXP to it. There's only XP to getting more HP, which makes sense.

=) You should play. My name on there is CcK, but I don't get on alllll that often, and not for a very very great deal of time when I do.

QBBarzooMonkey June 2 2007 12:26 PM EDT

I play Urban Dead. I like zombie apocalypse stuff.

Blarg June 2 2007 1:45 PM EDT

I've been World of Warcraft free for about 2 months now.

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] June 2 2007 1:56 PM EDT

Fallen Sword and Runescape the first more than the second.

Carnage Anthem June 2 2007 6:26 PM EDT

I play silk road, I was one of the pioneers of Tibet Server =) but i quit playing after i reached level 50, it gets kinda boring around that point, has the level cap been increased yet?

Silatt June 2 2007 6:45 PM EDT

I play/have played WoW, Flyff, Silk Road, Maplestory, Space Cowboy, Anarchy Online.

Unappreciated Misnomer June 2 2007 6:46 PM EDT

wow(bleedinghollow and skullcrusher) and rs

Drama [Just for fun] June 2 2007 7:54 PM EDT

I have played Rappelz and Gunz(it's sort of a first person shooter rpg). There is a free rpg coming,don't remember the name, but it's supposed to be for adults with gore and blood ;p. I think it's from Akklaim but I'm not sure. I think Ash knows what it is.

Drama [Just for fun] June 2 2007 7:59 PM EDT

Is it 2 moons?

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] June 2 2007 9:39 PM EDT

It is 2Moons :)

TrueDevil [AAA] June 2 2007 10:46 PM EDT

Granado Espada looks nice, but I doubt I'll be playing more online games though. :p

A Lesser AR of 15 [Red Permanent Assurance] June 3 2007 12:36 AM EDT

My only other game is Urban Dead since other mmo(free of course) have failed me. Almost quit UD months ago as well.
I'll try 2 Moons when I feel I have the extra hours as it's not another Korean point & click fest. Though sure looks like it, can't say I trust Acclaim either. Slayer likes to use keys and pk so hound him to play like he hounded me! ;)

ThatOneMan June 3 2007 9:53 PM EDT

ya the game is 2moons that is rated adult (17 and up)
release date is set has July 30th

Cap in Silk road online is 80? not sure if it went up since u last played. i heard its going to go to 90 soon or at least spose to

SBW June 3 2007 11:32 PM EDT

conquer online is awesome

[P]Mitt June 4 2007 2:09 AM EDT

I used to play SRO, Had a level 23 character with 700k or so cash on server Greece.

Carnage Anthem June 4 2007 2:46 AM EDT

level cap was only 70 since i last played in SRO, any new updates there?
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