please jon? :X (in General)

lostling June 10 2007 8:10 AM EDT

please fix hal
please fix AOF + junction :x

grovels* :x

MissingNo June 10 2007 11:02 AM EDT

AoF + Junction doesn't work? :o

Nerevas June 10 2007 11:20 AM EDT

the familiar doesn't receive the magnified ED's I think. The +skill I don't know about..

BootyGod June 10 2007 3:41 PM EDT

I second.

noneedforthese June 10 2007 3:44 PM EDT

third :)

th00p June 10 2007 4:34 PM EDT


Brings the total to seconded.

MissingNo June 10 2007 4:43 PM EDT


Miandrital June 10 2007 5:49 PM EDT



Nerevas June 10 2007 6:06 PM EDT


deifeln June 10 2007 10:32 PM EDT

While we're at it, can Hal equip the new Mageseeker bow?

lostling June 11 2007 2:16 AM EDT


miteke [Superheros] June 11 2007 9:36 AM EDT

I'd go for a junction having Hal using a Mageseeker. Ditto's on the fixes.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 11 2007 10:53 AM EDT

The AoF does not increase the effect of AS or EC, can't think of any way to test the skill boost...maybe a JKF that someone can just barely hit?
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