Forger(s) wanted: Up My Wall Gear! (in Services)

th00p June 11 2007 6:37 PM EDT

Adam from +54 to +60: $728,323 NW, paying $524,400 (72%)
AoAC from +10 to +15: $748,078 NW, paying $538,700 (72%)
HoD from +15 to +18: $586,121 NW, paying $410,300 (70%)
TG from +13 to +15: $484,586, paying $339,300 (70%)
SC from +16 to +20: $763,016, paying $534,200 (70%)
CML from +27 to +36: $1,169,368 paying $818,600 (70%)
MS from +18 to +35: $857,261 paying $600,100 (70%)

Please let me know how long it will take you, which piece you would like, and if you would like a part of the payment before you are finished.

Total payments: $3,765,600

th00p June 12 2007 2:27 PM EDT

defender has agreed to do all of the forging for me, in a total of 3 weeks (3 days per piece). I will pay him when he completes each item so he has enough for the next item's forge fees. Once I get my money I'll send over the first piece, the AoAC, for 3 days so he can start. He can record his progress here if he wants to but he doesn't have to =)

th00p June 12 2007 2:27 PM EDT

*Adam will be the first item

th00p June 14 2007 11:03 AM EDT

Sent over the Adam. Will be coming back whenever because I'm dull and I perm xfer-ed it. He's gonna add the xfer fees back to my bill for this item when he's done =)
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