Question regarding DD spells and DX (in General)

Talion June 13 2007 2:00 PM EDT

I haven't seen anyone using DD spells combined with a lot of offensive DX on the same minion.

But what if someone did? Would the minion start casting multiple spells per round?

Just curious...

QBJohnnywas June 13 2007 2:03 PM EDT

No, but it would cut down the dex gap when facing tanks. GL tried a dex mage if I remember rightly back in CB1.

From what I remember you would be far better off training evasion in this case.

Once a round for mages; but it's guaranteed at least....

QBJohnnywas June 13 2007 2:08 PM EDT

Thought that I'd imagined this but I knew I'd asked a similar question once! Got to learn to trust my old memory! Here you go:

Talion June 13 2007 2:21 PM EDT


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] June 13 2007 7:29 PM EDT

Yup, old Kenneth trained Dex along with MM in CB1.

This was before the Evasion change, so training Dex was the only way to stop the 1/2 Hits the Tank would always lay on you, no matter how high your DBs were (before the DB change as well! ;) )

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] June 13 2007 7:33 PM EDT

Hejin is the only char to try that strat here I think.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 13 2007 8:33 PM EDT

ZAP had two big hastes for a while on what was left of TAB
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