Train page Addition (in General)

8DEOTWP June 18 2007 7:42 AM EDT

I was thinking it would be nice, if not extremely helpful, to have the skills' status (4,000/4,500 (.98)) on the train page. That way we don't have to hit home after we train a certain stat that affects a skill. We would be able to do the math, or guesstimate (pick your poison), right there on the train page.
And for those of you that want that clean looking train page, a default-off toggle for this option would be nifty also.

lostling June 18 2007 7:56 AM EDT

:) ask verifex ;) maybe he will add it in his script

Daz June 19 2007 9:02 AM EDT

It can be changed by items, not just by your stats, so it's probably difficult to add to the script without having a large section where you select the items equipped, stored in cookies...

AdminNightStrike June 19 2007 9:39 AM EDT

You could just use the same page toggle present elsewhere
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