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Gothicknight June 19 2007 8:47 PM EDT

Yes this is me! First ever picture of my uber greatness to be posted on cb!
Rules are... most truthful ratings wins. I'll decide if they be truthful! 50K up for grabs!
Rate me now!

?/10 for Facial hair!
?/10 for Sexyness!
?/10 for Hair style!
?/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
?/10 for Eyes!

{CB1}Lukeyman June 19 2007 8:56 PM EDT

6/10 for Facial hair!
7/10 for Sexyness!
4/10 for Hair style!
10/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
8/10 for Eyes!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] June 19 2007 8:58 PM EDT

4/10 Grizzly fuzz - Looks like you got lazy, boy do I understand that
8/10 Seksy - The slight head tilt is just screaming "Come n get me"
6/10 The Hair Do - Can't see more than 40%, so you get a 6 for what I can't see...
10/10 Bravery - Who knows would could end up stalking you now...
9/10 Peepers - Yep, those are eyes alright...

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 19 2007 9:08 PM EDT

the pic is a bit too small to let me judge you fairly, you have one that is bigger?

Gothicknight June 19 2007 9:24 PM EDT

Big enough? I think it worked. Anyways if it didn't Prize is now 75K :D

Brakke Bres [Ow man] June 19 2007 9:32 PM EDT

4/10 for Facial hair! That beard is just too full, if you had a smaller one or even a ring beard that would look cool.
6/10 for Sexyness! The beard is covering too much up, show your face, what i can see is good looking so a 6 for the sexy
7/10 for Hair style! I think i have that one
9/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture! You got guts. I wonᄡt show a pic of myself, unless im looking really sexy on it :)
8/10 for Eyes! Nice eyes

SBW June 19 2007 9:33 PM EDT

5/10 for Facial hair!
5/10 for Sexyness!
6/10 for Hair style!
10/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
5/10 for Eyes!

TH [money] June 19 2007 11:23 PM EDT

1/10 for Facial hair! Doesnt look like a clean trim.
1/10 for Sexyness! Sorry
1/10 for Hair style! Looks like you just woke up.
10/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture! You have guts-no doubt. Or maybe someone has been lying to you your whole life. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt tho.
1/10 for Eyes! Not very nice [/borat]

Low score wins? Oh, next time post a picture that doesn't make you look like a serial killer.

Nerevas June 20 2007 12:17 AM EDT

10/10 for Facial hair!
10/10 for Sexyness!
10/10 for Hair style!
10/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
10/10 for Eyes!

QBOddBird June 20 2007 12:22 AM EDT

5/10 for Facial hair.

Thin the beard out a bit, not so much in the thickness depth-wise, but how thick between borders.

8/10 for Sexiness!
Mostly because you remind me of the atomic guy from Heroes! Seriously, you look just like him! O.O

?/10 for Hair style.

The question mark remains because your hair is chopped off. For all I know, there's a mohawk hidden up there.

8/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!

You'd have gained a point if you were wearing a costume, and another point if you were pulling the infamous Mushu pose and wearing a dress.

8/10 for Eyes!

You have a piercing, deadly serious stare-type look to you. Don't blink.

But you might wanna invest in some solution for when the bugs fly into your eyes. Maybe some miniature wipers, as well.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] June 20 2007 12:55 AM EDT

0/10 for all, humans don't look good at alll

Blarg June 20 2007 2:22 AM EDT

4/10 for Facial hair!
Reminds me of my brother, but a little better

5/10 for Sexyness!
You're neck is too long

7/10 for Hair style!
Pretty cool from that pic, better if you had a mohawk

15/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
Takes guts :P

10/10 for Eyes!
I dunno, theres somthing about your eyes in that picture that screams "Who are you and what are you doing in my home?"

Blarg June 20 2007 2:22 AM EDT

12/10 for Eyes!
Totally missed your piercing :P

Slashundhack [We Forge Our Own Stuff] June 20 2007 4:34 AM EDT

0/10 for Facial hair!Most ladies go eh on beards
7?/10 for Sexyness! Look like the tall skinny type
8/10 for Hair style! Looks neat anyway
10/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
7/10 for Eyes! You don't look crazed and you look to have a bit of intellect.All in all my polar opposite except my beards like Santa's. If shyness is rated 5/10 or less you probably do well with the ladies.

[Nkki]WildEagle [SNB Forging Services] June 20 2007 4:43 AM EDT

7/10 on facial hair (normally i don't like beards (like full beards) but i think on you it looks alright :) )
4/10 on sexyness (hair too messed up ;) sorry :P you should get longer hair and wear it over your forehead ;) )
0/10 on hairstyle (your hair looks pretty messed up)
10/10 having guts to post :P took me a long time to actually show my picture to carnage ^^
8/10 for eyes, can't really see them clearly, but from what i see your eyes are sexy :)

AdminG Beee June 20 2007 8:37 AM EDT

1/10 for Facial hair!
Is that a hint of ginger !?

0/10 for Sexyness!
You're a bloke - I'm dang sure I don't find you sexy !

5/10 for Hair style!
5 for hair, 0 for style

5/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture!
10 for posting your picture -5 for calling it sexy. Net = 5/10

10/10 for Eyes!
Yes, those are definitely eyes although it's difficult to be sure given they're no larger than a couple of pixels each. I hope they're larger in RL otherwise I'm sure you're living in a dark place...

th00p June 20 2007 2:37 PM EDT

4/10 for Facial hair! - I'm not a big fan of any facial hair
5/10 for Sexyness! - You look kinda messy
6/10 for Hair style! - Not bad, not spectacular
8/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture! - I wouldn't
4/10 for Eyes! - Just plain brown?

Gothicknight June 20 2007 8:34 PM EDT

I love the comments :D
And my eyes are blue!!! blue!!!!! I'm surprised someone noticed i had my eye brow pierced :p Twice. And yes yes that is a hint of Ginger and I'm proud of it :D
100k To be won!

Mesoshort June 21 2007 10:47 AM EDT

9 out of 10 for facial hair. Then again I always have loved the fuzzy. Needs to be longer though. =)
8 out of 10 for sexiness. I like guys who wear black, but you could get some muscle. Can't see your body, so just going by your neck.
7 out of 10 for hairstyle. I like the just outta bed look, but spiked and gelled crazy everywhere would look better.
4 out of 10 for guts. Anyone can put up a picture on the net, and it could not even be you for that matter ;)
6 out of 10 for eyes. You said they were blue? That must look... different with brown hair.

All in all, I would rate you at a 7.5. I'd definately bite that.

Lord Bob June 21 2007 1:21 PM EDT

6/10 for Facial hair! - The beard could use a bit of a trimming, but overall it's not ridiculous looking.

0/10 for Sexyness! - Sorry, men don't do it for me.

6/10 for Hair style! - You kind of got that "I don't give a crap, PUNK ROCK!!!" thing going on, which is cool.

10/10 for Having guts to post my sexy picture! - I gotta give it to you, I'd never post my pic on any internet site. I bow to your courage.

4/10 for Eyes! - Kind of piercing and aggressive, which is cool, but like I said, men's eyes just don't do it for me. You could have one lazy eye and the other glass and it would make no difference to me.

Overall - 5.2

Gothicknight June 23 2007 6:03 AM EDT

(Graduate)Blarg You win! :D Sending 100k to ya main :P
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