Templates in CB ? (in General)

Ekeke July 1 2007 9:32 PM EDT

Well, I came with this idea in my "Hey the world !" thread, and judging from what I read, it worths a dedicated thread here :)

So, here is the basic idea :

When a new player starts his char, he is asked whether he would like (or not) to choose between different Template (like Warrior, Mage, Archer...).

These templates are here to help him training his minions in a good way. If the player wants to play with a Warrior, the Template Warrior will trains HP/STR/DEX, a mage will trains FB, etc...

It must be very simple at first, so the newcomer understands perfectly the basis of the game. Later on, he will be able to drop his Template, and train his char just as he wants.

Some informations based on the Template could pop-up on the screen. For example, if I choose to play a Warrior Template, I will have clear explanation about Strength, Dext, Weapons, PTH, etc... And if I play with a Mage Template, I will have explanation about things that are Mage-related, such as the spells, the Enchantment... By doing this, the player learns to play right HIS char, before trying to understand how the other characters works.

(Sorry my English isn't perfect, it's late, I'm French, and it's kind of complicated to explain every single idea I have... But you got the main idea anyway :)).

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] July 1 2007 9:42 PM EDT

Like I said before, this may be one of the ways we were looking for to keep the new people around. It's simply too good to ignore IMO.

Make it so the XP gets trained automatically every time the char heals, or every 150 XP. Then at, let's say 10k MPR, pop up the message "you're on your own now!" or something similar.

Props for coming up with the idea, new person, may it have been brought up before or not :P

lostling July 1 2007 9:43 PM EDT

dont worry we get the idea ;) its good ;) maybe like...

archer HP/STR/DX/archery
warrior HP/STR/DX/BL
FB mage HP/FB
MM mage HP/MM
(exclude coc)
AMF enchanter AMF
DM enchanter DM
EC enchanter EC
GA enchanter GA
AS enchanter AS
wall HP

Flamey July 1 2007 9:52 PM EDT

It'd be good if you could just change templates, because I see a lot of accidental multis because they chose the wrong template.

lostling July 1 2007 9:53 PM EDT

theres always a retrain button... and a are you sure you want to choose this template?

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] July 1 2007 10:44 PM EDT

I don't like the idea of automatic training Ash. The idea of templates as I see it is to help NUBs learn the basics of the game and training exp yourself is part of that. Perhaps some pop ups explaining how much exp to train in each stat for that template and why training some enchantments might not be such a good idea ATM would be best. I also think that 10k mpr might be a bit high, 5k would be better IMO, since I would consider that hand holding and after learning the basics some people would like to experiment and see what spells and enchantments might just help. You might think 5k is a bit low but for most NUBs they wouldn't reach that until after a couple of days unless they use all their "free" buyable BA. Of course an easy auto-train button for those who wish to just train quickly for their template would be a good idea.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] July 1 2007 10:46 PM EDT

Yes, I agree. Auto-train button is even better.
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