Another Tourney Problem (in General)

Synge [Memento Mori] July 2 2007 10:24 PM EDT

I just re-inked a tattoo without looking at how much money I had left. Now I have $3 and I need $5 to heal my minions. Apparently I can't fight without having another $2. I can't imagine that this kind of problem is intentional. Is there some way to address this bug?

AvoidCXT July 2 2007 10:29 PM EDT

Yes, you can heal before you spend.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 2 2007 11:13 PM EDT

pay someone else in the tourney to fight you and lose?

(CB1)logan666 [Jago] July 2 2007 11:16 PM EDT

Hmmm...I was already kind enough to fight and lose against but didn't think to charge him. Darn!!! ;)
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