More Guitar Hero, Plus Rock Band (in Off-topic)

SNK3R July 4 2007 2:28 AM EDT

So, this thread got me hooked on checking up on the next series of Guitar Hero games coming out. So far, there is: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s, Guitar Hero III, and most interesting of all Rock Band.

What do you think of the idea of Rock Band? Do you think they've shoved "too much" into one game? You'll be able to handle a microphone, guitar, and drum-set all in one song. The new guitar also has 5 more fret buttons at the bottom for pure solo-work without having to strum. Cheap, or no?

Are you looking forward to Guitar Hero 3? I'm a pretty big 80's kind of guy, so I'm looking forward to the 80's version to see what they've pumped out, but I'm also stoked to see what they're dishing out for GH3.

Add any comments you have! ;) (Do you plan on getting Rock Band? I hear the going price is about $200?)

Josh [Cult of the Valaraukar] July 4 2007 3:59 AM EDT

I work at Best Buy and sell this stuff. Everyone loves Guitar Hero, everyone wants the new stuff, and lots of people can't wait for Rock Band. For the most part the game is always going to be the same, its the music that is going to change. I'm sure any changes they make for GH3 will only to make it even more fun.

SNK3R July 4 2007 8:09 PM EDT

Well, I know I'm going to be getting Rock Band when it gets out. I'm also going to get the other 2 games. Can't wait for the 80's version -- I think it's supposed to be released in the next couple of weeks. :)

Gallatin [Thanoscopter And You] July 5 2007 12:36 AM EDT

Hey, SNK, I found a preview video of Rock Band. Check this out.

noneedforthese July 5 2007 1:02 AM EDT

Why don't people just play real instruments? I can see the novelty of being good at guitar hero, but I'd much rather play my actual guitar...

It seems people can't be impressed by skill unless they see flashing lights on the screen and highscores ;)

SNK3R July 5 2007 1:08 AM EDT

Already ahead of you, Seran. ;) That was a demo that was showcased a while back, so there's some misleading stuff in there. For example, they're playing the old Guitar Hero guitar, not the new one that they'll be releasing for production.

If it's any consolation, noneed, I've been playing a real instrument for more than half my life, yet I feel like I don't have enough time in the day to sit down and learn a new instrument. Learning the less-than-basics with the 'Guitar Hero guitar' seems more applicable when I'm working when I don't have a lot of time to give in for practicing like that. Plus, Guitar Hero is just fun. Learning the basic songs like Twinkle Tinkle Little Star on the real guitar doesn't sound like my cup of tea for entertainment. After all, that's all I think of Guitar Hero: entertainment. It's not like I'm trying to increase my skills as a guitar player with it, because if I was, I'd be failing miserably. :)

noneedforthese July 5 2007 1:12 AM EDT

Those are all good reasons to play guitar hero SNK4R :P I think I was assuming everyone already knew how to play guitar/aspiring to play guitar.

AdminJonathan July 5 2007 12:08 PM EDT

I enjoy GH but I won't be getting Rock Band. Part of the GH appeal is the simplicity.

Kai July 5 2007 12:24 PM EDT

WoW...I really want Rock Band now! That could be some fun when a few friends come over.
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