Pixel Sage's Loans (Payment string) (in Services)

RobIn destructable July 5 2007 5:33 PM EDT

I've created this as i couldn't see anywhere else to post the payments.. I hope it's alright!
Anyway, Here's my payment:

RobIn destructable (Hawkwar) Talion (Repo Mage) $400000 -- Loan Payment 5:31 PM EDT

Lochnivar July 6 2007 10:17 AM EDT

Lochnivar (Pop-SICKLE) Talion (Repo Mage) $1000000 10:17 AM EDT

QBPixel Sage July 6 2007 10:36 AM EDT

Thanks for staying reliable while Talion has been idle guys =). I've been trying to squeeze some time into developing the code further, but school starts again in a few days. Darn year-round school!


Talion July 9 2007 8:24 PM EDT

I was on vacation for the past 2 weeks... apologies for being so inactive, but I wanted a TOTAL vacation.

I will start a new thread with the updated stats. I will not charge interest for the past 2 weeks since I was inactive. But as of today, interest will start being applied again.
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