My issue with score-based tournaments (in General)

Sacredpeanut July 7 2007 8:08 AM EDT

Apart from the issues with upgraded ammo etc IMO double-tapping is a big threat to the fairness of tournaments where score decides the winner.

In the last few minutes someone who can not legitimately beat the top score character could just double-tap the bananas out of them. The winner of a tournament will be decided in the last few minutes in a mad rush of fighting and double tapping and IMO luck rather than skill will play a big part in the outcome. If you are not online during the last hour or so you won't have a show.

Also COC mages and melee tanks will be disadvantaged because they cannot double-tap as easily as others since they do not attack in Ranged.

Smaller tournament characters could also play a big role in deciding the winner - if they don't like one of the top characters they could just double tap them several times in the last minutes destroying their chances of winning.

Ideally double-tapping shouldn't be allowed in the last hour or so of tournaments but this would also have its share of issues.

I'm happy that tournaments are back but I'll be wary of entering ones where score decides the winner since they are often a lottery and I can't guarantee I'll be online during the few important minutes before the tournament ends.

What does everyone else think?

Admin{CB1}Slayer333 [SHIELD] July 7 2007 8:50 AM EDT

most tournaments wont be decided by score, so this probably wont end up being a big issue

bartjan July 7 2007 9:05 AM EDT

In CB1 most tournaments were decided by score. I do not really see the problem, as it will be very hard to drop an opponent's score below his PR.

xDanELx July 7 2007 9:25 AM EDT

I remember back in CB1 I avoided all score-based contests. It was based on finding a character high enough in scores but low enough in PR to be able to beat. I remember my scores, when I did try them, swinging wildly from tens of thousands to millions. One of the last few ones that I did win was based on the number of wins out of 10 fights (no double tapping) with the top 10 people. I won that one since it was best team design rather than high score.

Sacredpeanut July 7 2007 9:57 AM EDT

Thats good to hear Slayer, I'm looking forward to T3 :)

Bartjan - Most tournament teams have Scores much higher than PR so even dropping someones score to around their PR is enough to put them well out of the running.

Check out the top ten in scores about an hour before this tournament ends and again when it finishes. There will be massive fluctuations even in that hour and anyone that was not online fighting during that period will suffer big time.

bartjan July 7 2007 10:08 AM EDT

Yes, there will be lots of fluctuations in score, but you will see a pattern in those fluctuations: stronger teams will end up with a higher score.

Not being online at the end of the tournament is not an excuse: a tournament is about a full week of hard work and clever strategy, not 6 days and 23 hours.

Sacredpeanut July 7 2007 10:38 AM EDT

Sorry I wasn't aware we were expected to be on 24/7 to have a shot at winning a tournament...why are we bothering with this BA cap nonsense then :)

Look tournaments generally finish around 4AM where I live, all I'm hoping is that there is a good number of tournaments I'm not forced to get up at this time to have a shot of winning.

Thraklight Resonance July 7 2007 1:00 PM EDT

They are bothering with the ba cap nonsense because some of us have been known not to miss a battle during a tourney without a ba cap. :-)

What xDanELx may also remember from that period that he mentions is the number of people in tourney who would set their main character to have 1 to 4 fireball mages with 20 hp per minion and everything else trained into fireball. Easy draws on a character with over 1 million score also meant a quick ride up the score ladder for your tourney character (and pretty much every other tourney team with a fireball mage).

BootyGod July 7 2007 1:53 PM EDT

CoC can't double tap? When did this happen!?

Guess I'll have to leave all those higher ups alone....

Synge [Memento Mori] July 7 2007 2:10 PM EDT

This sounds like it may be one of those cases where in any one tournament, the final results will be somewhat random (I'll leave the degree of randomness for others to argue). But on average, over several tournaments, the players with the best strategies will get the wins. Sort of like poker that way. And a good reason to have lots of tourneys!
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