How much Junction for Max effect? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 19 2007 3:10 AM EDT

The wiki states "To get 1.0 you need to have 1/5 of your tattoo's effective lvl in Junction."

My current Max Tattoo Level is 391,358 (My Tattoo is about twice this) and my Junction is 78,000/60,000.

The Total Junction is just under 1/5 of my Max Tattoo, yet I'm still getting an effect of (1.00).


lostling July 19 2007 3:11 AM EDT

its not based on max tattoo but the lvl of your effective tattoo... which i guess is smaller then your max tattoo

Flamey July 19 2007 3:11 AM EDT

1k off? Maybe it is rounding? Or is your tattoo named?

bartjan July 19 2007 3:12 AM EDT


Flamey July 19 2007 3:12 AM EDT

oh sorry, never mind the naming.

Lostling, he said his tattoo is twice the size of his MTL, so its effective level is the same as the max tattoo level.

bartjan July 19 2007 3:13 AM EDT

Try again when your max tattoo is slightly over 391,950 ;)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 19 2007 3:14 AM EDT


My Junction should be at least 271 higher to get me 1/5 of my Max Tat. How can rounding account for that? :/

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 19 2007 3:16 AM EDT


Trained zero XP to update my homepage, Max Tat moved up to 393,401, now have a (0.99) effect. ;)

bartjan July 19 2007 3:20 AM EDT

It's rounding because your actual effect was (still rounded) 0.996530031. Because that takes too much space to display, it is rounded to 2 decimals, giving 1.00.

Flamey July 19 2007 3:28 AM EDT

is only the display rounded? Or when its 0.996531 does it still give an effect of 1.00?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] July 19 2007 3:50 AM EDT

Nice Bart! ;)

Would you mind sharing how you worked out the exact Effect? ;)

lostling July 19 2007 3:50 AM EDT

oops flash reading skipped that part

bartjan July 19 2007 3:59 AM EDT

I think the rounding is for display purposes only. If that's the case, the same applies to stats such as Evasion and Protection.
If someone wants to find out, the easiest would be to train Protection to slightly below the next effect, fight enough battles, then train the 1 level needed to bump its effect, fight more battles. If there is no noticeable difference between the 2 series of battles, then it is rounded for display purposes only. If there is a difference between the 2 sets of battles, then it's also internally rounded.

78,000 * 5 / 391,358 = 0.996530031
78,000 * 5 * 1.005 = 391,950

AdminNightStrike July 19 2007 6:03 AM EDT

Detecting a 1% differece is not trivial.

Also, GL.. "Trained zero XP to update my homepage" << You only have to *visit* the train page, not train zero XP. Everytime you visit the page, tattoos are flushed.

QBsutekh137 July 19 2007 10:00 AM EDT

One might even say detecting a 1% difference would be insurmountable. Even if you fought 1000 battles before and after, the variances in damage done would make it very difficult to figure.
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