bug with tournament (in General)

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] July 23 2007 12:45 AM EDT

this is my second tournament character i started because my first 1 only had 1 ba abd my second 1 only has 160
why aint i getting 250 like it said in the thread?

bartjan July 23 2007 1:54 AM EDT

From the tournament sign-up page: "Characters in tournament 5 start with 160 BA. BA then regenerates normally."

Also, I see no tournament-5 character in your retired characters list. Are you sure your previous tournament character actually signed up for the tournament?

8DEOTWP July 23 2007 2:00 AM EDT

o no another tourney (retired) - You didn't sign your first tourney char up for the tourney so you didn't get the 160 BA that T5 starts you with (it's not 250).

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] July 23 2007 4:34 AM EDT

i clicked the box of tournament so yes, maby it didn't registered for some reason
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