auction question (in New players)

Jake the Snayke July 25 2007 5:43 PM EDT

how do i auto bid on the auctions? dont i get the high bid then bid again with how much I am willing to pay? looked through the wiki but could not find it

Adminedyit [Superheros] July 25 2007 8:49 PM EDT

when you place your bid type in the highest amount you're willing to bid. then it will keep bidding until your max amount is reached.

8DEOTWP July 25 2007 8:53 PM EDT

Minimum bid on an auction is 24,650
You type in 40,000, and it bids for you 24,650
Then until someone bids 40,001 or more.. it bids the minimum bid for you

AdminNightStrike July 25 2007 9:43 PM EDT

There doesn't seem to be any Auctions page at all. Is it a subsection of another area? This is where a search function would be nice.

8DEOTWP July 25 2007 10:26 PM EDT

I think because there is an explanation right on the bid page.

Jake the Snayke July 26 2007 12:10 PM EDT

I actually got confused by the bid page.

Flamey July 27 2007 3:42 AM EDT

NS, search isn't that necessary, you can use "List of all created pages" or something like that, which is basically an index. It's every page in alphabetical order.

8DEOTWP July 27 2007 4:29 AM EDT

I actually got confused by the bid page.

Yeah I read it a few times before really catching on, but a little trial and error explains a lot.
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