Need Some Help (in New players)

Jake the Snayke August 1 2007 12:02 PM EDT

I have found recently that the amount of damage in which I am causing, well just is not quite enough. I have to fight smaller teams, which in one sight is not bad, however, I would just absolutely explode with delectation if I could pursue the bigger boys on the block.

My minions are as follows:

Hatred and Revenge EXP: 916 HP: 20/20 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 0
Antimagic Field: 30,113 (?) Protection: 6,982 (7)

Imminent Failure EXP: 1,527 HP: 4,839/4,839 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 8
Magic Missile: 39,025 (14,205)

To Serve And Defect EXP: 922 HP: 5,737/5,737 ST: 20 DX: 20 AC: 15
Phantom Link: 3,540 (6,372) Ablative Shield: 28,525 (14,272)

What should I do to increase my damage?
Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated and noted.


AdminNightStrike August 1 2007 12:08 PM EDT

Glad to see a new player participating in a contest :)

First off, you need to gear up. Get some gloves, either NS to reduce AMF or AG to boost MM. Also get a Corn to boost your enchantments. Look into an HoC, as well, to make your MM cast more.

8DEOTWP August 1 2007 12:11 PM EDT

HoC, AG/NS, and an AoI on Imminent - I would say those are your top 3 priorities, corns following closely.

QBOddBird August 1 2007 12:19 PM EDT

Damage increase = bigger MM, likely in the form of AGs, possibly in the form of NS if you are being weakened by AMF and this is causing your lowered damage output.

Or you could just throw on a ToA and be invincible like everyone else. Hah! Just kidding. xD

Heavy August 1 2007 12:22 PM EDT

It is all about picking the right targets :)

Anyway i would unlearn protection and focus that minion only on AMF and unlearn phantom link and focus only on AS for that minion. Pick targets that doesn't use ranged(weak ranged/weak DD) and doesn't have DM .
Kill them before they are able to hurt you badly in melee :D

Talion August 1 2007 12:50 PM EDT

Keep pumping XP into MM and maybe try to find a Steel Familiar or an Ice Familiar. That will improve your damage output greatly. Also, as you get bigger, sticking with your current strategy will start paying off against 3 or 4 minion teams. It will just take a while.
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