Are tourney characters trying to make True Devil win!?!? (in General)

Tezmac August 2 2007 3:20 PM EDT

Seriously people. Look at his 24 hour battle summary. If you can't beat someone in one or two fights, he's out of your league. Stop giving him free exp!! For goodness sakes, he's won more battles than he's freakin challenged!!

Challenged Won
2,356 2,447

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] August 2 2007 5:15 PM EDT

There is no use complaining or saying its unfair.... in every tourney it goes down that way.... dj1914 always fought me and Rubberducks tourney characters day in and day out and rarely beat us unless we wanted him to.... most of the time it happens so that one opponent can gauge their character with another to see what they need to do to beat them ,or sometimes its just because they don't look at their battle logs ^_~

Tezmac August 2 2007 5:21 PM EDT

I'm not saying it's not fair, I just think it's stupid. I understand trying to gauge yourself, but losing 3-6 times in a row, training 50 exp, then trying again? All you're doing is expanding the distance between your two characters by giving him free exp, and not gaining any for yourself by fighting someone you can win.

Tezmac August 2 2007 5:23 PM EDT

...that should be can't win against. Brain fart... :OD

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] August 2 2007 5:25 PM EDT

Are you sure hes not untraining then retraining.... the retrain costs are now so cheap that it makes it quite viable in tourneys to completely untrain then retrain for cheap....

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] August 2 2007 5:27 PM EDT

And the way I see it on his battle log... anyone could try to hit him 3-4 times per set of 160 ba... that easily makes up for 15 to 20 hits a day

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] August 2 2007 7:26 PM EDT

Tez after a certain number of consecutive wins TD will not get any rewards from the losses. I think thats how it works, I wasn't getting any from dj when he decided to have some random attack spree on me. Not sure how it works. I did get some xp from him but at some point it stopped. After that I think I again got some xp once he had retrained, beaten me then lost again.

Rubberduck[T] [Hell Blenders] August 2 2007 7:30 PM EDT

Oh yea, if your score is a reasonable amount under theirs double tapping to reduce score can force them to look for a new target which may be an explanation.

TrueDevil [AAA] August 3 2007 1:10 AM EDT

It's been like this actually since the previous tournaments. One of the major reasons I totally lost in the tournament 4 was, Synge's character was given like 912410972431 free experience from other tourney characters. Then, after a while it was Rubberduck's turn back at tourney 4. Not sure what's going on there.... :p

Zaekyr August 4 2007 2:32 AM EDT

I don't think I will be playing in many more tourneys if the current situation continues.It seems the leaders are getting attacked by lesser teams 3-4 times as much as anyone else.I have been noticing that the top three or four players will have 600-800 attacks against them vs. the 100-200 I have been having against me.That makes for a huge advantage for them and makes them mostly unreachable.You could say they are using a better strat but even with identical strats it would be obvious which player would win.I believe the only way to stop this is make it so tourny characters can only fight non tourny characters or restrict retards from playing in them.

BooDiggens August 4 2007 6:34 AM EDT

Never tell retards they can't do anything. Then you have to listen to long explanations about how they aren't really retarded.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] August 4 2007 6:33 PM EDT

Well if everyone stopped complaining and built a strat thats almost untouchable you would also have 200 or more fights a day because everyone would want to beat that untouchable strat.... Don't dump on people just because they are better and know how to build a good strat....

QBOddBird August 4 2007 7:07 PM EDT

Yeah, I think I'm going to quit playing tournies too if everyone else doesn't start hitting up to par with my intelligence. *sarcasm*

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] August 4 2007 8:48 PM EDT

Reading back on my previous post... I can tell that I prolly ruffled some feathers... so I would like to change that to: better at building a good strat.
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