Question Regarding Ablative Shield (in New players)

Jake the Snayke August 3 2007 11:37 AM EDT

So this hooks me up with HP, good.

But does it only go off once or again and again.

If it only does it once than I would want to untrain my HP on that minion and put it all into AS.

bartjan August 3 2007 11:42 AM EDT

Enchantments are cast at the very start of each battle and last through the entire battle.

Before you start thinking of unlearning HP, realize how opponents with Dispel Magic will affect your Ablative Shield.

QBOddBird August 3 2007 12:30 PM EDT

AS is also only more effective than training HP when it is being cast on 3 minions or more. The more minions, the more HP per EXP spent you are getting from this Enchantment - but as bartjan said, it can be dispelled!
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