CB Blanks - Round 4 Results - Round 5 Begins (in Contests)

Mythology August 3 2007 6:55 PM EDT

------ ROUND 4 RESULTS ---------

The panel were asked : "There's nothing like a good long *Blank* when you get home"
novice : Shower - No hits
th00p : -legged girl - no scores but props for the answer!
SBW : Shower - No hits
Mythology : album - No scores
RubberDuck : sleep - o_Rly SCORES!
OddBird : booty dance - johnnywas nails it again

Johnnywas and o_rly take the 4th round and split 15K in prize winnings, but more importantly a winners ticket to enter the final round!

------- ROUND 5 BEGINS --------

A panel of 6 people;
Me, th00p, SBW, Oddbird, Rubberduck and Knovice,
Were asked to fill the blank in :

"I have to say, my preffered weapon of choice is *blank*"

Now it is your turn! Send 2K to "Myths Angels". (Of that 2K, $500 will go to this round's pot. $500 will go to tournament prizes. 1K will go to the final Blanks round which only past winners of previous rounds can compete). Then post your answer. You cannot post the same as anyone before you or your entry is disregarded.
The person who scores the most (you get 1 point for each member of the panel that has same answer as you) wins the pot and the main thing, gets to compete in the final (where the money is).

Contest will run for 24 hours (ish) when I will post the results of this round and the next round till the final.
Please PLAY even if you dont really get it or youre just making a joke post, its all for fun so take part.

Note to panel members : You can still play but obviously you cannot get points for your own answer so would be playing at a slight disadvantage, but please still do, the more people who play the better the contest.

-----------NEW INFO------------

Final Pot So Far : 183K (goes up each round)
Round 5 Pot Begins at : 11K
Winners Ticket Holders so far : AoD, BluBBen, PigeonBladder, Johnnywasx2 (gets two guesses), O_Rly

QBJohnnywas August 3 2007 7:02 PM EDT

a great big stinking carp

ScY August 3 2007 10:56 PM EDT

Aww, i said nap instead of sleep =(

Mythology August 4 2007 1:19 AM EDT

wasn't that, kind be fairly close to the answer to get it, but O_rly had already guessed Nap sorry

play this one tho :P

8DEOTWP August 4 2007 2:14 AM EDT

a magic missile!

Spawn August 4 2007 5:12 AM EDT

a CarpOfDeath

/me carps all the other contestants

BluBBen August 4 2007 7:37 AM EDT

BluBBen (BluBBen) Mythology (Myths Angels) $2000 7:35 AM EDT

....... my own hands.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] August 4 2007 12:00 PM EDT

Ashilizator (Ashilizator NCB) Mythology (Myths Angels) $2000 11:58 AM EDT

my bare and hairy chest.

Mythology August 6 2007 10:09 AM EDT

will post results tomorrow and round 6, not many left now

QBOddBird August 7 2007 11:52 PM EDT

C'mon guys, 4 entries? =\ And people wonder why 'the forums are so barren these days'. It's because of YOU if you aren't posting!

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 8 2007 1:58 AM EDT


[RX3]Cotillion August 8 2007 2:22 AM EDT

a booty dance.

RedEcksThree (Ruins) Mythology (Myths Angels) $2000 2:21 AM EDT
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