Retired Characters getting deleted (in General)

Miandrital August 6 2007 11:05 PM EDT

So apparently my character 'Tigah' got deleted because I have 7 unretired tourney characters. Apparently there is a 10 character cap on retired characters.

My question/suggestion is to make tourney characters exempt from that limit. I am doing a NCB right now, and I don't want my higher refresh rate characters to be active. However, I also like to do the tournies, and I would really prefer it to not be an either or thing. With the end of the current tourney I am going to lose another character which I would really prefer not to do.

Thanks for reading.

lostling August 6 2007 11:14 PM EDT

cm jon :) tourny chars should be exempted :) yep ^^ i 2nd this

Miandrital August 8 2007 1:38 AM EDT

Hmmm, that is weird. Apparently freed has more than 10 unretired characters. Why did mine get deleted then?

Flamey August 8 2007 1:56 AM EDT

They shouldn't get deleted, if it goes beyond 10 there is a "view all" option, like on Freed's page, I have no idea why your's isn't the same.

Xenko August 8 2007 7:15 AM EDT

Why aren't old tourney characters automatically deleted? It's not like they are good for anything once the tourney is finished.

AdminNightStrike August 8 2007 7:23 AM EDT

Freed bought insurance :)

Flamey August 8 2007 7:37 AM EDT

You can just see how well you went, can't you?

TheHatchetman August 8 2007 3:50 PM EDT

old tourney chars is the only reason im playing tournies now, so that 3 years from now, i can look back at my old tourney chars :)

8DEOTWP August 9 2007 8:45 AM EDT

If they're supposed to get deleted - maybe keep the top 30 or so characters? The ones people actually played.
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