How much UC does a JKF train? (in General)

TheHatchetman August 8 2007 3:29 PM EDT


PoisoN August 8 2007 3:53 PM EDT

Check the wiki :)

Miandrital August 8 2007 3:56 PM EDT

The wiki doesn't actually say, or I can't read.

My best guess is that it trains the tattoo level as UC

TheHatchetman August 8 2007 3:56 PM EDT

regular minions can only train one skill, a Jigorokano Familiar trains both Unarmed Combat and Endurance
is the only thing that even mentions UC, but that doesnt tell me much...

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 8 2007 4:16 PM EDT

check changelog from back in the day, Jon mentioned the percentages when he altered them

Talion August 8 2007 4:24 PM EDT

Found some information in this old post:

"none of the TJK's stats have more than half of the level, and most have a good bit less."

QBOddBird August 8 2007 5:35 PM EDT

I seem to remember someone saying 1/10th, but that's 'seem to remember' and is not/should not be taken as fact.

I'll look for it in Changelogs and posts when I get THAT bored.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] August 8 2007 8:54 PM EDT

1/10th? I'm pretty sure it'd be higher.

Talion August 8 2007 9:40 PM EDT

I saw 1/10 mentioned in a Changelog, but it referred to the JKF's HP.

QBOddBird August 8 2007 10:32 PM EDT

I'm thinking no way could that be right, JKF has more HP/level than the DD-based familiars....
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