Future of online gaming / internet - Integration + CB (in General)

Mythology August 10 2007 6:39 PM EDT

A friend of mine recently introduced me to an emerging site currently in beta - http://kongregate.com [Admin Edit: No referral links please] if you've not heard about it. The site itself is in away a regular collection site that offers many of the more famous flash games, plus a chance for any flash developers to showcase their games. As gamers you collect badges for completing certain tasks etc etc... But the point of this post is what you can then do on facebook with their widget.

Of course the widget shows your achievements but it also shows how you rank overall and just in certain games, 1) overall to all facebook members with the widget and 2) those in your network(s). So if you and your friends are all playing say last stand a zombie defence game you could see your ranking in comparison to those in your uni and overall on facebook with a numerical ranking.

It's time, imo, CB got in on the act, there was a poll recently about if CB should have a facebook widget and I think the main reason it wasn't a resounding yes! was that not many knew what facebook was at the time or they didnt think of the possiblities. (If you still dont know what facebook is, think myspace++ and as myspace dies facebook has everything it needs for immortality).

The CB Widget :
Picture of your main character's Image with name.
A few categories, score, MPR etc that are all ranked on everyone on facebook and those in network.
Same as above but a few stats that can be selected, like STR rank or FB rank.
Top 3 highest NW items on the character named and ranked.
Many of it would be active links to CB when clicked on and the referal link so that the players displaying their CB widget would be geting their friends joining and geting paid CB$ for it.

If done right I think this widget would end up being the largest pull of new players CB has seen (including slashdot) and the people coming to try CB wouldnt be unwelcomes (as you often get off the poll online games sites filled with l33t kids and the like) but people just like those already playing CB.

In short there will be a few big names that everyone knows on t'interwebs, google, youtube and facebook, CB should embrace facebook as unlike myspace it isnt going to be a passing fad, and sooner rather than later imo.

[P]Mitt August 10 2007 8:39 PM EDT

I'd like to point out that 85% of college students have a facebook.

And by introducing these people, (basically repeating what myth said), you wouldn't be introducing immature idiots into the game. Well the chances are much slimmer.

Daz August 10 2007 10:22 PM EDT

A lot of the people who join the game and stick around probably wouldn't be immature idiots. In High School, myself and a group of friends found and played CB1. The less mature of us got bored in about 36.27 seconds (Approximately), while the rest of us stuck it out for a little bit longer. I had the patience to stick around and managed to reintroduce one of them, but I digress.

IMHO, most of the 'unwelcomes' (as you put it) wouldn't be really be interested in CB anyway.

MissingNo August 11 2007 10:36 AM EDT

Facebook looks dumb. What makes it better than Myspace? The lack of customization? =P

QBOddBird August 11 2007 10:42 AM EDT

If lack of customization makes it better than MySpace, then lack of customization = good?

So Facebook looks dumb = Facebook looks great?

Your hip young teen lingo is so confusing! xD

MissingNo August 12 2007 3:00 AM EDT

I dunno, I was kinda being sarcastic. C'mon, youngins like you show know about sarcasm.
,br> Facebook looks exactly like Myspace only except they make it less personal. Instead of being able to edit the page to portray you specifically, it seems that everyone is confined to the same boring page with boring colors and stuff. But everyone's still migrating to Facebook from Myspace..

ignignokt August 12 2007 4:01 AM EDT

I'm sorry but MySpace pages look like some ADD kid (I have ADD)was given a fashion/celebrity magazine, scissors, glue, spray paint, crayons, some of the worst music I've ever heard, etc...

Customization isn't good when you load a webpage and have a seizure!

I really like Facebook a lot better when it was only for college students and didn't have all of these spammy seizure-inducing applications.

Lady Die August 12 2007 7:24 AM EDT

I am roughly the age of a typical college student and have many friends that are still in school. I can tell you from personal experience that most of my friends have no idea what Facebook is. All of my friends are on Msypace.

Yes, I agree that alot of the customizations are useless and overwhelming. Many people now days are able to morph HTML into some crazy visual effects and lengthy annoying music (If you don't like it, do like me and keep your sound off) and it seems that Myspace has gained the bad rep due to this. However, I have also seen that Myspace is a valuable resource in connecting with long lost friends and even new ones. It's because of Myspace (and a friend) that I found CB.

In the long run, isn't it really 'you' who decides whether or not you partake of the immaturities of other beings?

So really... Shouldn't it be a personal choice as to whether you choose Facebook or Myspace??

Mythology August 13 2007 12:27 PM EDT

this wasn't meant to be an argument about my space v facebook :/

Mythology August 19 2007 12:44 PM EDT

seriously though, someone make a bloody CB widget :P
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