I need help!!! (in New players)

mooandre August 13 2007 1:12 PM EDT

Ok I have a question, yesterday I was fighting other players that had a lower character rating than myself, due to this the money I recieved was a good amount. Today I found that I had a -97% rating for fighting boring fights, so I rented a really kool weapon for the day and have been improving that rating for challenging and awesome matches, but now I can hadley recieve any money whatsoever, is there something I am doing wrong or, is there any other way to recieve more money to heal myself to keep fighting???

bartjan August 13 2007 1:39 PM EDT

Basically your challenge bonus compares the Score of your opponents with your own Power Rating. Their Score is an indication how difficult the battle is, and your Power Rating is an indication of how much resources you used to fight that battle.
Your Power Rating is composed of 2 parts: the XP you have (trained), this is shown as 'Minion Power Rating'. Then there's an added part, which is caused by using over sized equipment. In your case, this is what hugely boosts your PR, and indirectly causes that low challenge bonus.

mooandre August 13 2007 2:07 PM EDT

Ah, ok I got a little help from my trainer on this and I think I finally figured it out. I rented a 46x7 crossbow for today so even though I am 1,326 to get a good rating I need to be fighting like 2300 and above...I just tried a few fights and instead of a -99% it was -92% and I got more money so I think I am figuring this out.

Thank you for all your help!

QBOddBird August 13 2007 3:47 PM EDT

No - you don't want -90%anything.

Right now your Score to PR to MPR looks like this: 1,681 / 20,112 / 1,038

and that is bad. The game compares your PR - the middle one - to opponent's scores to get your rewards, or that % which determines your money.

So you want to reduce your PR to something where you can fight opponents that compare to it - like this:

1,681 / 2,500 / 1,038

Which would give you something like -30% bonus I think? Either way you'd get loads more cash and EXP. Drop your much-too-large weapons, moo. You'll be far better off.

8DEOTWP August 13 2007 4:21 PM EDT

Score - PR - MPR ~ 1,000 - 20,000 - 1,000
Your score is your rating - this is how good you are.
Your MPR is how much experience you have - the muscles of your character.
Your PR is how much experience you have + all the weapons and armor - this is muscles + $$.

You have a weapon allowance on your character of a certain networth$. If you go over this allowance (which you did) you get a ton of PR, because you are simply equipping weapons made to kill much stronger opponents on your scrawny pawn of a character.
So thus, your character's PR is 20,000 because of the 1,000 worth of exp + 19,000 in networth$. You are expected to kill people with a score of 20,000 to get a challenge bonus of 0%.
End all, your PR tells you who to fight, if it is 50,000 fight people with a score of 50,000 for a challenge bonus of 0%. The idea is to get a challenge bonus of 100% by fighting people with 2x the score of your PR.
I tried to make that, oh okay I understand - I hope I didn't fail miserably.
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