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8DEOTWP August 16 2007 12:51 AM EDT

So as I am a student I was doing my ritual feeding at Wal-mart earlier tonight. I had no idea what I was hungry for but I knew it was meat. I wandered, and moped down the aisles until I came to the ultimate in 'exciting foods to eat that you haven't eaten in a long time'.
Lebanon Bologna, woot!
I had two sandwhiches as one just wasn't satisfying enough.. and almost 8 hours later all I taste is freaking lebanon bologna, I can't rid of its terrible smokeyhouse taste, ugh, terrible. Not woot.
But anyways - in my attempt to stir up some conversation, any thoughts or praises of lebanon bologna.. flames?

QBOddBird August 16 2007 12:52 AM EDT

Never heard of it. I think you're full of bologna! *da dum tssst*

8DEOTWP August 16 2007 12:55 AM EDT

*bucket of fish*

InebriatedArsonist August 16 2007 2:00 AM EDT

Try spreading Philly Cream Cheese on slices of Lebanon and rolling them up. Tasty treats.

TheHatchetman August 17 2007 11:57 AM EDT

Lebanon Bologna pwns! (and for *me* to use a "p", you know its true)

ScY August 17 2007 12:04 PM EDT

Personally i prefer ham and swiss ;)

JkrSmkrMidnight[ToG]er August 17 2007 1:14 PM EDT

I grew up on Seltzer's sweet Lebanon Bologna and Longhorn Cheese sandwiches, and I still think it's the ideal deli sandwich.

Smartmuck August 18 2007 5:24 PM EDT

Eeew bologna...sorry, I've never liked the stuff. I almost never have deli sandwiches now, but what I liked most was good roast beef, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, mayo, and horseradish mustard on a good kaiser roll. YUM.

But now, mainly what I eat for meat is local stuff from the farm nearby. That is really, the tastiest stuff, and better for the earth. Sadly, they do not do deli cuts there, though. :( They do have ribs and drumsticks and bacon, though. :D

*sigh* ok that's enough meat talk for me!

8DEOTWP August 18 2007 7:15 PM EDT

"good roast beef, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, mayo, and horseradish mustard on a good kaiser roll."
mmmm, indeed

MissingNo August 18 2007 8:31 PM EDT

Eh, sorry for the cows, but I'll take another Big Mac any day of the week.

[RX3]Cotillion August 19 2007 1:33 AM EDT

I've never eaten Lebanon bologna, let alone heard of it, but I really do prefer pepperoni to bologna.

Pepperoni > Salami (w/o the giant chunks o' pepper imbedded) > Turkey > Ham > Bologna

sooka September 4 2007 9:47 PM EDT

Thunderbird = Don Gorske??

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