Introducing myself... (in New players)

Spork August 18 2007 10:42 PM EDT

Hi, I'm Spork, I was a player way back in the day, thought I'd give it another try, nice to see you all :)

Mesoshort August 18 2007 10:45 PM EDT

Yay! Hello, I'm meso, and will take many forms of the name. I like to pounce, bite, and sunbathe. But you will have to figure out any more about me on your own. >.>

QBOddBird August 18 2007 10:48 PM EDT

Hello Spork, nice to see you too! If you've got any questions, feel free to ask...we're glad to have you back!

The 'Help!' link in the upper left corner should have most any information you need, and your mentor is there for abusing as well.

Hope I see you in Chat! ~_^
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