Unarmed Combat and static bonuses (in General)

AdminNightStrike August 22 2007 5:08 PM EDT

I really don't understand how static bonuses are working. I am using named HG +16 for a 17 * 1.5 = +26 bonus to UC. Sounds great, right? But when I train 10,000 to UC, it only goes up by 1,000. Why is this?

Talion August 22 2007 8:24 PM EDT

What if you remove the HG? Do you get the same result when you train 10,000?

AdminNightStrike August 22 2007 10:53 PM EDT

Nope. It's only when I use an HG or CG and get the bonuses to effect instead of level.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] August 23 2007 1:19 AM EDT

not that I'm actually doing much more than guessing, but could it be related to the XP needed to raise a stat by a point being that much higher...either that or it's an ugly bug...

I'd take a heap of screen shots and post em...

Miandrital August 23 2007 1:25 AM EDT

I am pretty sure this is a non-issue. So long as the UC level spikes when you go from below the required level for the next point to at or above the level for the next point, you are fine. In fact, that would be relatively easy to test. Just train a UC to 11,064, and equip a GI. Then, increase the level by 999 and see if the total UC level increases by the same amount. I am guessing that it won't. Then, train one more point into UC, and it should spike.

I think that the cb code was written such that the bonus to uc is calculated correctly internally, but may not be displayed entirely accurately.
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