Interesting RoE/Tattoo comparison (in General)

horseguy001 August 25 2007 4:11 PM EDT

Recently I had been using an RoE on my tank in conjunction with haste and GS to maintain a pretty good challenge bonus (as high as 30% some days). I was under the impression that I was putting more muscle on my tank, since he was getting almost double the exp of any other minion on the team.

In the last couple of days I decided to start leveling my tattoo, and was surprised to find that despite having a much smaller bonus (maybe 7% on a good day), I am actually getting *more* bang for my BA buck by gaining tattoo levels.

I was a little on the shocked side to find this out, and began to wonder if the same benefit would be shared with all tattoos, and not just the ToA. For example, a ToE reducing more damage, so more effective HP, an RoS boosting your ED more to offset training hp into DD/str etc.

At any rate, it has led me to the conclusion that the RoE, even a named one, is *only* useful if you have a tattoo over your max tattoo level. I am surprised to arrive at this conclusion, as I have supported the RoE ever since I started CB. If I had stuck with my ToA over the duration of my team it would be approaching 2 mil, at the cost of maybe ~50k mpr on my tank. Which would be well offset by the added tattoo levels anyways.

Some interesting food for thought, or at least it was for me :D

8DEOTWP August 25 2007 4:52 PM EDT

wait you were getting a 30% challenge bonus with an RoE and 7% with a tattoo?

horseguy001 August 25 2007 5:40 PM EDT

Yeah when JW's score was around 2 mil it was a big challenge bonus, since my PR drops over 300k when I had the RoE on. But I still do better now then I was before, despite an average lower challenge bonus.

Strange, no?

8DEOTWP August 25 2007 5:42 PM EDT


QBOddBird August 25 2007 5:45 PM EDT

So you were surprised to find out that wearing a tattoo gains levels?

Or you were surprised to find that RoE doesn't gain all that much extra MPR?

I'm not sure which interesting conclusion you came to...

and yes, O_Rly, due to the reduced PR you'll usually have a higher Challenge Bonus by using a RoE.

horseguy001 August 25 2007 5:49 PM EDT

I was surprised that despite gaining an extra 24% exp injected right into Slade, the added tattoo levels and lower overall challenge bonus is actually doing more for my team then the RoE could ever hope to.

I was under the impression that fighting with my tattoo was only making my exp dilution problem worse, rather then making it a non-issue, which is actually the case.

sooka August 25 2007 6:25 PM EDT

Hijacking for a question :O

If you have a named tatoo can you change it with the artist without losing the naming?

horseguy001 August 25 2007 6:50 PM EDT


AdminNightStrike August 25 2007 7:37 PM EDT

You have to understand that the RoE transfers to the wearer only 2/3 of the XP that a normal tattoo would have gained. And it's 23% for a named one, not 24%.

As Oddbird said, I'm not sure what interesting conclusion you came to, as it should be obvious that if you're using an RoE to gain MPR faster, you will have to buy a larger tattoo.

horseguy001 August 25 2007 8:14 PM EDT

Well then I guess it was obvious to everyone but myself :P

Oh well, I still wish I would have came to this realization sooner, I would have a decent sized tattoo by now if I did.

AdminNightStrike August 25 2007 9:45 PM EDT

Just insta-up your tattoo. Rates are stupid low right now. It doesn't make sense to fight the losing battle with MTL when bigger tattoos are always plentiful.
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