forger who will do one point for you free pls read (in Services)

karlos666uk September 3 2007 3:06 PM EDT

hi i,m looking to forge some stuff if there is anyone who can show me what to do when i am on i will forge one time only for you will have to walk me though it but i wont charge you anything you will

cm when i am abort

AdminNightStrike September 4 2007 12:43 PM EDT

There's complete instructions in the wiki, including an animated walkthrough of exactly what to do:

Mem September 4 2007 2:05 PM EDT

That's a dangerous thing to offer, karlos. What if I wanted my +16 AGs (that I don't have) forged up to +17? You'd be at it for quite some time... Not to mention the outrageous forge fees...

I suggest that if you just want to try out forging just start will some leather gear-- small amount of BA and low forge fees make for a great way to experiment.

phrog September 4 2007 2:10 PM EDT

Verfiex's script really helps with forging.

[RX3]Cotillion September 4 2007 2:11 PM EDT

He has a pair of MCL's that he can forge. It has a sucky forge efficiency, but what's the difference right?

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] September 10 2007 1:40 PM EDT

Sure, he can forge my Corn :-)) lol. Best deal ever. :)

48Zach September 10 2007 2:56 PM EDT

Mem -- AG = Blacksmith only ;)
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