Why are you miserable? (in Off-topic)

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] September 9 2007 4:41 PM EDT

Well these guys came up with 7 reasons why you are miserable. A few of them directly relate to the fact that I'm talking to you right now through this forum.

7 Reasons The 21st Century Is Making You Miserable

QBOddBird September 9 2007 6:20 PM EDT

I liked that article!

I'm going to grow a plant!


cookie dough September 9 2007 10:50 PM EDT

not very PG with the critisizm part =P

Flamey September 10 2007 8:51 AM EDT

I like it.

But one of those examples was quite silly, where it says something about building up a network of friends, and it asks, would you tell them that you got diarrhea on the dancefloor. But honestly, would you tell *anyone* that? even if they were the most best friend on the planet, I'd just say I got sick or felt sick.

QBsutekh137 September 10 2007 11:41 AM EDT

From the link:

"The average number of close friends we say we have is dropping fast, down dramatically in just the last 20 years. Why?"

Before asking why, shouldn't one ask, "Does that matter?" For example, what if the number of friends is dropping fast but quality of friends is increasing? The link seems to be purely quantitative and not so much qualitative (because the latter would be very hard to estimate and turn into spectacle).

Maybe people don't care, or are getting more choosy, or don't think any of this is a bad thing. In other words, the entire article starts with a nasty presumption -- that I am miserable. I could just as easily come up with "7 Reasons You Hate Freedom". Nice straw-man.
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