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AdminNightStrike September 18 2007 2:31 PM EDT

100k to the first person that can find me the Asus proprietary wireless adapter for an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard. I think the model number is "WIFIBRALINK", and this search string might help:


Bonus points if you can find a g version instead of b. And the PCI version doesn't count. It has to go in the Asus Wifi slot to be eligible.

AdminNightStrike September 18 2007 2:35 PM EDT

Here's another thing you can look for... a dvd burner that supports all the formats, has a black front bezel, and is slot loading. I think Plextor had one (PX 716 something). Find PATA and SATA versions, with a big bonus if it has an aluminum bezel on top of all that.

I might take one if it's aluminum but tray loading. Black is required.

lostling September 18 2007 2:44 PM EDT

eBay listing

i think thats the item

drudge September 18 2007 2:48 PM EDT

716AL is slot loading multi-burn eide

bartjan September 18 2007 2:48 PM EDT

That's a PCI card...

Tezmac September 18 2007 2:50 PM EDT

From what I've read, the b card you are looking for is no longer made or for retail sale. If you want it in g, you have to buy a regular PCI card.

lostling September 18 2007 2:57 PM EDT


AdminNightStrike September 18 2007 2:58 PM EDT

drudge - I told you that.. you have to find me a link to buy it. And I prefer new over used, btw. With the burner, what I'd really love would be both PATA and SATA versions of a black slot-load drive with an aluminum front bezel. I think that's impossible.

Incidentally, I see that there are a lot of slim drives available. If you can find a way to get a slim drive into a five and a quarter inch drive bay, that might work, assuming the slim drive is slot loading. I'd need to adapt the interface, too.

AdminNightStrike September 18 2007 2:59 PM EDT

Lost, none of those links are for the proprietary Asus slot.. they're all PCI.

lostling September 18 2007 3:02 PM EDT

oops thought PC card was different from PIC

bartjan September 18 2007 3:04 PM EDT

"PC card" would be something that would fit into a laptop. A PCI card is something that would fit into a "normal" PC. What NS wants is something that is specifically made for his brand and model motherboard. There's the challenge.

lostling September 18 2007 3:08 PM EDT

http://www.shopbot.com.au/p-18989.html would these work? they seem to be for USB though

AdminNightStrike September 18 2007 3:33 PM EDT

lost, I think you're a little lost :)

This is what you're supposed to be looking for:

Miandrital September 18 2007 8:00 PM EDT

G version doesn't seem to have been released yet

AdminNightStrike September 18 2007 11:08 PM EDT

Ding, Ding! We have a winner! That's the card (it even says on the box "for Asus wifi slot only, not for PCI"

Now... who in the UK wants to bid on that for some CBD? I'm not sure how I should handle this.. I'm guessing I myself can't bid on it, yes? Anyone here more knowledgeable in UK ebay stuffs?

AdminNightStrike September 21 2007 12:11 PM EDT

hmm... so I lost that auction. My bid apparently didn't go through. Darn.
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